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Posted by Unplugged thinker's
June 2, 2017

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Well, for most of us(Engineers), “Collections” is a framework which contains all the complex data structures. Drawing a syllogism here, we can have this very same conclusion for the collections we keep on making in our lives. Life has different meanings for different people. Some find solace in social networking, gossiping and being the most popular of the lot, some in being the richest of all while some others in providing basic amenities to their close ones!

As we all have our tried and tested one liner- “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, we can comment that the definition of Beauty itself is configurable(not fixed). I can find a yellow dirty vase intriguing while my mother can throw the same at me if I piss her off. (kidding). So given the premise, it is only fair if I ask you all these questions- What is in your collection? What is it that you hold so dear that even the inevitable end doesn’t spook you enough to forgo collecting those pieces? What is it that defines you? What is the purpose of your existence? 

You all can sit back for a while and introspect a little before finding some of those answers from the crevasses of your minds. Until then I shall share mine with you all.

Well, to begin with, my purpose of life is caught in a dynamic wheel which covers different angles of everything I want to achieve and sums it up to 360. So let’s leave the wheel spinning for a while. Rotating on, I AM A BIG TIME FAN OF COLLECTIONS…….

I like to collect everything; memories, moments, likes, dislikes, objects(living/non-living).Of the lot, what matters the most to me is cherishable memories! We all are going to die one day. There is no denying that. What is the most precious thing at the time of departure? It is your soul. And souls need to be fed with lovely memories to keep them going!

Enough said about what needs to be taken care of. Now we shall move on to address the bigger question here: What are we doing to protect our collections? Just a small example: How many photos do you have of your childhood? 50-100? How many do you think your child is going to have? 5000-10000? Can you see the difference? Quantity is taking over the quality of memories. Now that visit to the marriage of a distant cousin seems a daunting task. Why go when we can catch their snap chat stories, or watch them go live on facebook?

I don’t want to go in a debate over advancing technologies. It’s good to be tech savvy. But to become a victim of technology, to be Omni-dependent on it is pure evil.

So, who amongst you can say that they have truly made not-null collections? Who has lived there lives and not just pushed the days behind?

Let us hear from you all!!

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