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Posted by Abhinav Rajput
June 25, 2017

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I want you to understand the reality of the relationship that is I get from my personal experience, I was working in a company and that time I met her and I were so mesmerized I truly forgot myself. I had fallen in love with her at first sight. I want to say, “I didn’t fall in love with her because I was lonely, or lost. I fall in love with her because when I saw her for the first time, It was the only time that I had ever wanted to make someone a permanent part of my life.”Abhinav Rajput

Commitment to understand

In my heart I thought that we had already met before, I don’t know where I met her, but I think I know her already. After she had left, My mind was thinking about her the whole day, I had fallen in love with her and nothing was going to release her from my mind and thoughts. I just kept saying to myself “what happened to me? “ And I asked myself and finally I got the answer that I love her. After a few days the heart is accepted that I love her, but the mind doesn’t want to accept, because I don’t deserve her as I have not qualified as she is MBA holder and I am just Diploma Holder, She is working in MNC and I am working in LTD company and many other things. Then I just wanted to be able to offer her everything. My mind was and still is not calm that time.

I became scared knowing how to talk to her, worried in case I was disturbing her and that she wouldn’t like me for that reason, always finding the topic to talk with her on WhatsApp, I don’t want to create trouble in her life, but after getting to talk to her and knowing her better I realized that she is a nice person.

Those days I was feeling very alone, I had friends, but no one who understands me really and she came into my life. The first time she calls me on the 31st I was just astatic, I was dancing and mom asked why I was so happy. I had no answer. Then her words that she said to me that year

“This year got a frnd who’s heart is as pure as gold. The day i met him my heart said he is made to touch the height of success. Now In the beginning of this new year ….Just want to Wish Him A Very Happy New Year.”

She said.

and then we started our friendship. The words always whisper in my ears. She gave me respect and lots of love. Everything she gave me, I am truly thankful for that day I met her and I got her as a great friend. She is in my heart and she will be in my heart always. There is no one who makes space in my heart than she is.

Finally, I decided I should invite her to lunch, She seemed a little bit frustrated and not at peace in her mind. I wanted to express myself to her how lucky I was to have gained her friendship and her love and care that she showed me. She came, I just saw her and was shocked for that moment, a moment I will cherish my whole life. She came into my life like and sweet angel. Who just solved all my problems with love and happiness. I am just looking at her with a small child’s eyes, don’t want to see anything, only her. Then we are watching the movie I remember, and I just want to look at her. I don’t have the interest to see the movie. I like the most in between when we are watching a movie, she is looking at me when I am trying to look at her and she asked me what happened Abhinav?

We had lunch, in between lunch I want to sit as close as I could, then the time came I needed to catch her bus. Even at that time, I didn’t have the nerve to express that I love her. Finally, she told me, let’s go for a walk and then I got some positive vibes from her. Then we walked into the park, sudden she just forgets all things and she put her head on my shoulder. My feelings were like out of this world. I said to her with a sweet little kiss on her cheek, “I love you”, and she told me “I love you to Abhi”. That the day I will never forget, I always remember that day, that evening. She was in full awareness and she is sharing her feelings with me, about her life, about her family, everything. She trusts me a lot. I remember when I dropped her at brts, and just put my hand softly on her cheek, that’s the feelings, I can’t describe in words. I am feeling very close to her.

After that, we accepted that we love each other and we started a relationship, we were ready.

She loves me a lot, which I call the limitless love. She always helps me, motivates me to do something beyond limitations. I am feeling free to share my story with you because I do know the reality of the relationship, no matter you may not equal in qualification, age, experience, talent, money. I forget she’s elder than me 2 years. That is the best part of our relationship because she’s mature than me. So just express yourself to loved one, people are good, just need the dimension of understanding.

Recently I saw the dialogue in Sultan Movie, “Mera pyar pakka he, tera bachhpana sachha he.”  The dialogue itself is expressing our story.

That’s all.

May you understand the real relationship, If you want to love one, one thing is you have to pay attention, without attention it will not happens. You must fall in love, you can’t rise in love, you can’t stand in love, you can’t fly in love, you have to fall, something of you should fall, otherwise It will not work. Everything is information, love is living experience. 


Feel free to place your comments and your living experiences, I will love to reply your questions and listen to your story.

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