Conscious Will.

Posted by Saisha Sen
June 18, 2017

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It came as a shattering shock or a heartbreaking “used to’ fact I really don’t know. The only thing constantly revolving in my mind is about that little girl who was asleep next to her mother dragged and raped for 50 mins just for the sake of sexual pleasure of those 2 buggers who forgot everything and preyed upon a soul who hadn’t reached an age to get fully conscious of her BODY.

I have been hearing for long that all men are not the same,but how do I change this perspective when all the ones encountered, are the devils? I want them to ask themselves a question? what they did was it all worth,was it worth a lifetime to have nightmares about that girl,to hear her scream for help every second,to beg for forgiveness from the lord and yet get nothing in return for just hate and negative vibes,to never be able to escape the surrounding of the horror they did to her? Every drop of her innocent tears will make them pay for their wicked ideologies and activities. This is not a case of just “another rape” this is a case of demeaning the cause of a woman’s creation,this is an abuse to the creator,an insult to the womb,a libel to the existence of such heartless and sex starved negative entities.
I curse these 2 bastards and all the men who have an active and dormant mind of perversion that as long as you don’t respect the body and spirit of a woman you shall live a life of negative happenings and where even a pig would be considered respectful than YOU.
I wonder what explanation shall the defense lawyers of NIRBHAYA like A.P Singh and M.L. Sharma will state in an incident like this,lets see which cause of indecency by the little girl was shown that invited rape. People like them will continue to take advantage of societal preaching of suppressing the womanhood because deep inside they know that a woman is boundless when put to any field,its a wrong gesture to ask for respect from the patriarch society because gaining of respect is not the solution but making them accept the truth of the importance of existence of both the gender in equal.
Everybody is aware of what the body of a man and a woman looks like,clothes are worn to enhance the beauty of a body just like jewelries,protecting from ailments and maintaining hygiene, I don’t see any other cause considering the era where humans used to live a naked livelihood. If there is a problem then the problem lies with a sick mind who has no virtue and has no control over his lustful game.There is no other aide to this because even in the last of last second if an individual plans to stop or control their lust they actually can,rest are excuse.

Anyways I’ve lost all hope for a better society,so if violence is the key womanhood should be game for it.


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