Court cases is a life long process

Posted by Kashish Bansal
June 1, 2017

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He died in 1999, and ever since then i have not seen my mother tension free. I clearly remember when i was in 5th standard i participated in annual day of my school, and waved at a lady in audience while performing thinking that was my mother. But waiting in dressing room she didn’t come to pick me back, because she was in a police station launching complaint of my fathers disputed land which has been taken over by Mr. Raj Gupta and Mr. Prem Bansal. These two have put useless baseless cases on my mother to make our land disputed. And most special, the cases have been going on since 10-15 years now and there have been no progress. I and my mother

I and my mother has led obviously not a hassle free life. But we’ve always been independent. We don’t have enough money to deal with lawyers and take chances with numerous lawyers who all have been doing is fooling us and all they want is money.

My question is will we get justice? Ever? Will we ever be able to live a life which does not involve courts and chaos? Or does this goes on forever? At least, this is what lawyers tell us. We have piles of papers in our home. We don’t have a home of our own name. We have been shifting from 1 place to another since ages. I know social media is a strong platform. And I wish to use it! These men are so rich but don’t wish to compensate with us. Because as they say ‘niyaat kharab hai’. Money has taken over everybodys state of thinking conscience. They don’t see above or beyond the pinks and greys. All i know is that im the heir of that property and this has been going on for years for no reason. I beg District and High court of Delhi to solve our plea.

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