Dalit President Vs Dalit Exploitation

Posted by Krishna Singh
June 30, 2017

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Dalits are exploited as workers, as the majority of them, more than 95%, are workers! They are exploited by the employers, the capitalist class, which holds the means of production; the land, sea, river, jungle, mines, factories & industries, services; even government, judiciary, police, army, administration, political parties, media. How and why the government? Is it not an independent body? The law or the constitution, itself, has developed or is made to favour & promote the interests of capital & its owners and not the people.

Also, what we see in practice? The political parties, which make the government, have not only have hands in gloves with the bourgeois class but survive on the gigantic open & hidden, legal & illegal donations of the big capitalists, financiers, but are even directly controlled by the donors. In fact, some of them, like Trump, the present US President, is a capitalist.

The capitalist class usurps the surplus value of the working class (including Dalits, farmers, minorities, working women, child labourers, tribes, others) and grows!

The Dalits are exploited socially as they are at the lower ladder of the caste system, are discriminated, since ages; in pre feudal economic, political, social order, in feudalism, that is when the kings, the landlords ruled the farmers and others, in capitalism, that is today, when Dalits have become workers (Which may or may not resemble their patriarchal works), have joined the backbone of the profit making reservoir or machine!

Solution is not Dalit President, more Dalits as ministers or at the top of the bureaucracy, more Dalit Capitalists, neither unity in compartments but only with the working class to overthrow capitalism! Like in women’s question, where they are exploited as workers, home makers economically and worse, due gender discrimination, which lets the bourgeoisie exploit them even more economically, as same wage is not given for same work.

Due low living conditions, historically and socially, Dalit workers, like even the workers belonging to the tribes, minorities, etc can survive on low wages. Due a very high reserve of unemployed army, they work at very low wages, letting the capitalists usurp a very high rate of profit.

Dalits, tribes, the minorities face same discrimination, rising economic exploitation, remain victims of the discrimination & direct attacks, like in many recent incidents, by the created goons or organisations, directly under the supervision of the political, religious, cultural organisations. Aim of such attacks is simple, to raise the profit rate, to keep the working class divided and have an army, in form of para-military, to control the working class, the peasants. This is sheer fascism, nazism, where in form or not. But in content yes. It is similar to the Fascist party of Italy, German Nazis.

Solution is visible in the analysis itself. Not Dalitalism, not Feminism, not minority protection platform, not through the present constitution (or of any country), no reformism, but to unite the proletarian class, on a single base, that is, unity of the exploited class, against the exploiters to demolish the base of the exploitation, discrimination, oppression, destroy the very base of the goons, the parasites, even the base of the unemployment, ignorance & superstition and even the war & terrorism, base of crime & corruption.

There is no other alternate. More we delay the birth of this historical necessity, the pending revolution, more miseries to the people, more destruction to the productive forces! Birth pang cannot be avoided, which needs struggle, unity, sacrifices, revolutionary ideology & party.

No more symbolism, like Dalit President or making statues of Ambedkar, Periyar but direct transfer of power in hands of the producers, abolition of the exploiting class, which is parasitic, criminal and which rules the producers through state and its machineries. That and only that will abolish caste system in one go and establish a society, where every humans will have all human rights and live like a respected human.

Does that reminds you of Bhagat Singh, his party HSRA, other revolutionary parties and their ideologies and their unfinished task? Does that pinch your conscience and asks you to join the historical task, the emancipation of mankind from the yoke of the capital?

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