Deadly Air of Delhi

Posted by Harkesh Choudhery
June 9, 2017

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  1. The air pollution is affecting day to day life of us.Most affected city of National capital of India Delhi is bearing this harm air.In order to further, it has become more unbreathable to survive. We can only think and discussed about the increasing polluted atmosphere around us.
  2. It is hardly impactable in a sense of our life.shall we able to stop  this activity of pollution through out the city or not?
  3. It is a particular question among us that we will have to reduce of it.  To carried it to forward, you can read out of the reasons by which harm air is diverging itself.
  4. One of the specific activity which is responsible to have a pollution. It seems to be smoking done by us.  It is not only increasing the deadly Air but also to the pollution. A burning Garbage has a dangerous impact on us. If we see in our society or anywhere we are going or walking  away, a bunch of garbage is burned which is also responsible for the pollution.
  5. A product consumption factories are the main reason to have a pollution. Although, purchase of motor vehicles, cars etc. Stands for the reason of harm air in New Delhi.
  6. We can only think that air pollution is increasing but no one can think that we should think it to reduced.How we can be able to  overcome  on deadly Air?
  7. Public transportive system is the first step to reduce this harm air among us. The use of public transport must be acquired by us  while not using the own vehicles.
  8. In the season of fest, fire crackers must be avoid as much as we can.
  9. Every intellectual have to think about the pollution and let us take a step to reduce it.

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