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Democracy and Politics In India

Posted by Rubendra Bagdash
June 4, 2017

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This whole universe is aware that our country got Supreme democracy in this whole wide world. Nowhere in this peculiar world one can find democracy like in our country.
It is purest just like a gem but in reality it’s purity is being deceived and galvanized by some corrupted leaders infecting its purity just like a catepiller do with rose. Democracy is no more pure its meaning has been disguised and deceived and implementation of it is being done with an objective to quench selfish greed.
Actually democracy mean-” Government is appointed by the people and that is for the people ”
But here people have been perish
and it is replaced by the crowd.
In this way it’s whole meaning and purity is lost. Due to democracy being mobilized by the majority; Its whole meaning and definitions is variated.
This way ruler are taking birth instead of leader by the majority who are unawake, who are brainwashed.
I used ruler because they are not leading the nation, locality but ruling that majority after all they are borned because of majority who are least conscious; awake nor had interest to fathom and to comprehend real meaning of democracy.
In return they are being betraying
by the ruler(leader) they hover from one to other just like a sheep’s and goats, like a nomads searching for temporary comforts and benefits.
They have right to deserve permanent comfort. Only those who are awaken and conscious can comprehend;
can differentiate between citizens/individuals and crowd that is dancing just like a circus monkey according to the beats of the ruler that is being appointed by them for them.

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