depression: a taboo in india

June 11, 2017

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One fine morning Antara discovered that the newspaper in her hand is written in a language she could read but could not understand. It was the same newspaper she liked to read everyday. It was written in the same language, her mother tongue. She started sweating in the chilly winter morning. Her heart thumped as if she would have a heart attack. After many such weird experiences she finally went to see a doctor and came to know that she had been suffering from severe depression all the while from past six years. It was not too late to start treatment. But unfortunately it was too late to start her education life over again. Time once gone is gone. Now she understands why years back her marks deteriorated more and more each year. Despite trying hard again and again she could never pass the college exams. Her relations became bitter uncontrollably. She hated her friends and family and blamed them for her situation. Truth was that she had an illness that slowly poisons life in all possible ways.She was young and uneducated about depression. It never occurred to her that the symptoms she was experiencing could be of any illness and that could be treated.

Now what about those women who already is well aware that they are suffering from depression? Do they go to a psychologist? Sadly in our country women fear to even admit that they have mental illness.In India the rate of suicides due to depression is rising more and more every year. Depression among Indian men is high as well.

Depression and anxiety disorders are normal illness just like fever. The only difference is the latter is physical illness while the former a mental one.

Everyone of us experiences depression at one time or the other. And some of us are unlucky to get clinical depression that doesn’t go away with time. They need our help. Loving words and right treatment or therapy can bring them back to life.

Let us break the taboo.

Let us help each other with love.

Let us openly discuss  the feelings and experience regarding depression.


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