Digitalization of Love❤

Posted by Trilok Singh
June 27, 2017

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Trilok Singh, Founder and CEO at IASmind and India’s Journals at Love place, Taj Mahal.

Trilok Singh, love in India has undergone huge change in the wake of Digitalization; Moreover, LPG, More specifically in the context of Digital world. According to my/our understanding; now, we can find love on social media too e.g. fb, whatsapp and such other digitalized online instruements. I’m trying to explain you the actual meaning of love in the context of modern world which is called digitalized world. In this very writing attempt has been made to understand the changing notion of Love.

When I first heard the term digitalization – often also referred to as digital transformation, I mistook it for another buzzword for computerization. Yes, I’ve been witnessing digitalization and computerization in all my life style, and I didn’t think it had anything new or interesting to offer me. Even though social networks like FB and Whatsapp, and online interaction are good to start talking to someone new, but falling in love is a whole different story.

However, in India Love paradigm differ hugely on account of myriad societal and digital norms. Therefore, there are hardly any universal notion for understanding Love due to digital/changing context that we need to keep in mind while dealing with the concept of the Digitalization of Love and True love too.

More specifically, “Digitalization is the use of modern and digital technologies to change a business model, education standards, and entertainments, provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving towards digital business, opportunities, education etc not digital love.”

True Love starts after meetup and knowing the person personally. Here on Facebook, whatsapp, LinkedIn etc. most of the time people uses mask. The base of love life is based on trust, happyness and compatibility. You can not know that by just knowing the person via Facebook, whatsapp and such other online apps or tools or mechanism.etc. Remmember, I am not completely against it but i feel that above are harmful for “true couples” and “students life” etc. that why i shared here.., Love can happen on Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn too. But True Love only possible after meetup, knowing the person personally.

It is entirely an individuals perception, to how they look at relationships, love, and the honesty in it. In short, The so called values, principles and virtues will be known, only when you both actually have to exercise it, in the open world which is called real world without any threats, what I mean to say is If love is genuine, it will rock on endlessly.

Is Online love, a true love?

In this world of technology people tend to be on their phone when sitting in public. Let me illustrate you with picture below. This has made human interaction with someone who is a stranger next to impossible without other person being offended. Somehow in 21st Century when you a men approaches a unknown women in public it is consider invasion or the guy would be labelled creep.

This is one of the reason people have to rely on online love or online dating. People seem to be open to meet stranger online rather then in person. I don’t know where will this end. There exists the possibility of finding ones true love or actual love via online methods. However, it can be often times less likely.

As with online dating, it is different for men than it is for women. Females can get 10x’s if not more responses than their male counterparts. Equally a good looking male or at least in appearance can receive multiple requests. So with multiple “suitors” in the attempt to find the “perfect” match, some will be talking to multiple people at the same time.

Love can break the cycle of caste? Not easily, but the only solution is the inter caste marriages. The only difficulty is that the caste of child is assumed to be caste of father not mother. It is good if some young man come forward to adopt the caste or sub caste of the mother. Love can happen even with the same caste. So love marriages doesn’t mean inter-caste marriage. And sometimes even arrange marriage can end up as inter-caste marriage. So ultimately inter caste marriage can only end the caste system…

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