Education and losing pride

Posted by Shruti Chaudhary
June 5, 2017

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Can education lead to someone losing their pride, forgetting their identity, absconding their greatness? What if my reply to this question is yes, and the example being us!

I am a student of ayurvedic medicine, yeah ayurved which people relate to saffron wearing “churana” distributing old BABAs. Most of my friends dont know what exactly do i study. A five and a half year course and people dont know what i do for that long. I am pretty sure 80% of my audience here would be familiar to ayurved but really not know even more than 2 lines about this amazing giving from our ancestors. Sushruta(the father of surgery), Charak and all their givings have been lost somewhere in ancient texts and pages and what we study is what invention a white made.

No I am not trying to say lets all study ayurved, all i want to say is that our history of brave kings, sages who were actually scientists, the knowledge of health, accurate determination of time and planet’s position should have a mention in our textbooks in those growing years. So even we can be proud of the legacy we should carry forward.I don’t want myths and religion to be introduced in texbooks just science and facts about BHARAT will be a boon in making every child see how great a nation they belong to.

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