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eight Cities of Bihar is under the supervision of Plant Eco circle

Posted by Priti Singh
June 7, 2017

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On the occasion of World Environment Day 5th june 2017, the consolidated members of Plant Eco circle, the young emerging entrepreneurs and environmentalist had organized a plantation drive in eight cities of the bihar. This massive Plantation Drive were named in all cities as #GreenPatna, #GreenMuzzafarpur, #GreenPatna, #GreenDarbhanga, #GreenChhapra, #GreenAra, #GreenSaharsa and #GreenSamastipur.

The Massive Event was organized by Plant Eco Circle in association with Skill Minds India, TakeMyDonation, Aawaam, Pragati Public school, Central University of south Bihar,Gaya and different organizations. The Plant Eco circle is an environmental initiative from Patna district of bihar founded by Ranjan Mistry to Motivate and inspire all the people of urban and rural areas, big industrialized cities, children and young generation to protect and plant more trees and to balance our Eco system. On the world environment day team of plant eco circle joine together with team of  skill Minds India,Aawaam and other youth organization  to plant nearly about 100 trees in patna.

Local citizens of all the eight cities enthusiastically took part in plantation programme and appreciated youths for their effort. The main motive of this young youth organization to run this event on world environment day is to make everyone aware about the importance of not only planting trees but also protecting them. The total geographical land area of Bihar is about 94163 sq km out of which only about 5720 (6.02%) is covered by forest. Bihar does not have even one-tenth of the area covered by forest.The trees are rapidly cutting down for industrialization , settlements ,cultivation or Political events which is making our ecosystem unbalanced. So if we want to save ourself or our next generation we will have to protect trees at any cost.

The programme were started at 6am in the morning and ran upto 12 p.m in all cities. In Patna, the location of plantation were Gola road to IAS Colony where also many local people nd students took part to make the programme successful.On the occasion founder of  Plant Eco Circle the ‘Ranjan Mistry’ said “Doing plantation is not big deal, protection of these plants ia a big deal. That’s why we have not decided to plant more trees in one place instead we plants only 100-150 in each cities and the area is such places wherer we take care of plants.” And The founder of Skill minds india Vipul sharan Said that “this is not just a plantation drive or awareness; this is a message to all the parents to take such initiative to protect the future of their child.”Here plants such as Banyan, Peepal ,kahua were planted which are the native trees suitable according to climate and physiography. Suryakant Verma,founder of Aawam said “We don’t need to plant trees at every door, we have to plant the seed of awareness which gradually will raise their concern.”

The initiative to organize such programmev were taken from a parents, who are environmentalist.
Rahul Samrat, founder of TakeMyDonation said,” We alwasys need to support such type of event without any hesitation, we don’t need to think that we are wasting our time in doing these things.”

This is the Story of a daughter, whose name is Disha Deepak Bhartwaj, her parents (Mother ‘Dimple Dimp’ and father ‘Deepak kumar’ ) decided to plant more than 1 Lakhs of trees after her birth. They said “Our Daughter Little Disha Deepak was born on 18 January 2017 in Patna. We parents being environmentalist, dedicated my baby girl to the Mother Earth & we started calling her ‘Wangari Maathai Jr. The Nature Girl’. Since after her birth we have been planting & gifting saplings of herbs & shrubs to near & dear one. We gifted first such sapling to Dr. Veena Mishra & we set a target to plant as many as herbs & shrubs till she can grow enough to discharge her responsibility of serving Mother Earth. This is my daughter’s first ever World Environment Day & the theme of this particular campaign “Connecting People to Nature” inspires us to make crowd-pledge for organizing plantation drive in India & the World around. Apart from Patna & other Districts in Bihar such plantation drives are conducted in Assam, Kerala, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Haridwar, Ahmedabad, Jharkhand etc. Such plantation drives are organized in USA, Mozambique, Kenya, Philippines, and Argentina etc. We are thankful to Vipul Srivastava & Ranjan Mistry for their wide range of plantation drive dedicating to our daughter in Patna, Gaya, Muzaffarpur, and Chhapra etc. under an ambitious initiative of Plant Eco Circle to enhance green coverage in an urban agglomeration. We as parents think that we are the first line of inheritance to induce traits in our babies developing a strong relationship with nature. World is facing drastic climatic events today & it is time to make our kids resilient to changing climatic regimes so that they could mitigate, adapt & build capacity for exploring future ecological etiquette.”


In Gaya, the team member of Plant Eco Circle, Saurabh Sanu organized plantation drive and awareness camp in the premise of Central University of South Bihar, Gaya. A large number of students took part in the GreenGaya programme. They had not only Planted many trees but also arranged for tree protection.Their main aim to organize this event was to “A ignition for awaring people towards enviornmental concern and its Protection”.


Simultaneously, In Saharsa, this plantation drive were taken forwarded by team member of plant Eco Circle Pratibha singh. She gave information about the importance of protecting and planting trees to the students of Pragati public school,Saharsa and local people. In this work, the director of Pragati Public School, Keshav Kumar Singh and Principal Pawan Kumar Jha had enthusiastically participated and said we will take this objectives to the further to give our future generation safe and pure environment. Students of the school have planted about 100 trees near school campus and surrounding areas. Students also discussed their ideas and said ” we will take care of our environment so that environment will take care of us”.

In Muzzaffarpur, Akash Singh Kaushik takes all the responsibility of the Event and planted more than 80 trees in his locality. In Darbhanga, Ruchi Singh take this incredible responsibility to create awareness in Darbhanga.The Plantation Programme were also organized in  Chapra by Raushan Kumar Aryan who contributed his effort and leaded GREEN CHAPRA Project.

Other cities covered by Plant Eco circle Plantation Drive were Ara(leaded by Abhishek Sharma) and Samastipur.


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