Encourage yourself

Posted by Prarthana Paunikar
June 12, 2017

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In my life also like other’s may be for some time, I also get depressed or discouraged by the conditions surrounding me or any wrong decision ,any fight with someone or the most dangerous and heart breaking REJECTION by the loved ones. It’s not only me with whom all these things happen (thank god I am not an alien).

But I have a magic trick how to get out or get up from these discouraging, depressing and down feelings, actually this trick helped me a lot, whenever I got tangled in those horrible situations.

Whenever I get triggered by such situations I always recollect those memories in which I was complimented by someone, awarded by someone even if it’s a little achievement I recollect all of them.

Actually recollection of those memories boost up the confidence in me that “YES!  I can do it”……Whenever there is some problem in studies , in any task which I think I can’t complete ,these memories make it possible to complete it …….those memories help me the most.

One of my memories which is the best in all of mine is my dance performance in the second round of Vidarbha level dance competition …….I was very nervous before it and also due to my weight heard some comments from audience, I had faith in myself, as the music started I closed my eyes and remembered my mom, as I started dancing whole audience around 1000 in number gave me standing ovation. As I completed my dance and walked down the dance floor, every person in that hall had a handshake with me like I was some celebrity and the height was one boy came and touched my feet for taking my blessings and asked me to wish him best of luck for his performance.

That was the best memory for me, whenever I remember it, make me feel confident and no more I am depressed by anything like my looks or my not good performance in studies or test. And it’s my advice to all ,any little achievement in your whole life is sufficient for stepping you forward toward a big success of your life.

It works guys really at least for once perform this experiment with yourself, you’ll feel refreshed, encouraged which will lead to a great achievement and best performance in completing the task! Even if the memory doesn’t go with your present task don’t worry it works and make you think that “if you can do that, you can do this”.

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