June 6, 2017

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On 5 June ,We celebrates World’s environment Day. This day has immense important in our life but a question is pinching me again and again i.e if we celebrate it as we celebrate our birthday,is it good for our Planet ?

Answer is negative. Absolutely ” No” Can it befit for our Future generations or generation next to us? India is Only a country ,which thinks always eco-friendly deed.When we were child we saw we had Leave’s made plate (Pattal) to serve in function ,occasions, marriage ceremony and in any kind of food serving occasion but now it become a Trend to have food in Thermacoal Plates or you can say Disposal. But matter is serious why did we use leaves made Plate (Pattal) ? Answer is very clear it needs plant to use its leave and plant needs plantation for which we care about the plants! It can be also disposed and doesnt harm soil or animal who lick the plates after throwing it in dustbin. It give many villagers ,who engage in making these Pattal but now it is mechanised.

Now we see other thing which harm our soil. As we are very Loyal to our soil but somewhere this loyalty goes in infidelity. We used Kullahad, made from Soil.it has a speciality i.e it can be thrown anywhere as we do now but it never harms soil. This causes the many Employment to Villagers but now it becomes a matter of talk “how to give employment to the villagers “. But Basic things of these problems we leave using leaves plates or soil-cup ! And its coincidence what we start leaving ,other countries start doing that for e.g Japan start using leave made plate !

Its matter of soil so we loyal to soil and use things which gives a special feel for our nation and we India, set a giant example in the world of being eco-friendly.

In 2016 ,Pm Narendra Modi has signed Parris agreement along with 195 countries to deplete two degree Celsius temperature by using less carbon. All country signed work is in progress but obstacle starts coming in it.US President Donald Trump starts playing trump card for such Sensitive issues ! With the hope of of saving environment,we have come out from such kind of Idealogy to mistreat our environment . International diplomacy is more different than personal Welfare . So for sake of our health for our future generation just do which help them to live a healthy life.Otherwise after the demise of ours ,They start abusing our Portrait which is lean against wall and surely say They are the biggest exploiter of our Planet. Don’t act like Termite, become King of Nature and do eco-friendly deeds

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