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Evaluating the Success or Failure of United Nations

Posted by Akshay Hariharan
June 26, 2017

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It isn’t an easy task to evaluate the success or failure of United Nations in a few words.
However one thing which is undoubtedly clear about UN is it’s ability to perform in a much better and structured way than its predecessor The League of Nations.

One of the biggest achievements of UN has been it’s monumental role in preventing a Third World War or a Nuclear War in this highly weaponised and volatile situation currently present in the World today.

No doubt after the formation of UN we’ve come across major wars like US invasion of Iraq, Gulf war but on the positive side the UN had managed to stop it from escalating into a Bigger crisis. It won’t be wrong to mention here that UNPKF(UN Peacekeeping Force) and UNPBF (UN Peacebuilding Force) have played their part in ensuring world peace.

United Nations has been time and again blamed for being unequally divided, But again it’s the only organ in the world to provide the opportunity for all countries of the world to discuss and debate on Global issues through one vote one nation in the General Assembly.

United Nations has also made immense contributions in the field of Health, Humanitarian assistance, Food etc though much is left to be achieved still.

It won’t be wrong to say that after the fall of Soviet Union in this highly unipolar world which is dominated by the US, United Nations has come as the only alternative which is capable of bringing everyone to the negotiation table and keep a check on the hegemony of certain countries.

I would lastly conclude by saying United Nations has been one of the most successful initiative aimed at bring the entire world community to the negotiation table, However things like veto power, unequal representation of nations in specialised agencies, western domination etc need to be dealt with separately.

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