Everything wrong about the kapil sharma show

Posted by Kumar Ashish
June 12, 2017

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This show which had six people portraying important characters in it and yet the name of the show was after one man and what this one man has got in his belt in the name of humour let me just point it out.
1. Body shaming.
Comments like- tum jitna saari pehnti ho utna me do log fit ho Jaye.
Aapka pet aapse do kadam aagey chal raha h.
Now the people laugh out loud but what happens is that we come up making these comments to fat people in our regular life. In that way we are trying to say fat people are fun as they are the ones we can joke on.
2. His jokes are like insult comedy. A person from the audience stands up and his first line is an insult and we break into laughter. There not has been a single episode in which we don’t find this insult comedy. What we are now viewing is that insult comedy is the best comedy which can make you money.
3. His jokes which are flirts on all the female guests and some in the audience. If flirting is humour then I don’t know what standup comedians like Vipul Goyal, Zakhir khan, Kenny Sebastian or the legendary Johnny lever have been doing.

Now talking about the show.
The show had 5 male and one female actors initially and now we all know how and why this number is reduced and I am not getting into that. But the number of female characters the show has are 4 in which 3 are played by male characters. I am totally okay with that but what I am not okay with is the way these characters are portrayed. A fat girl/lady is portrayed as a piece of laughter not because of her actions but mostly because of her body. The other two are always shamed and insulted in the show and probably there could have been a better way of portraying those characters. The only real female character in the show is shut down with replies like- iska baap ek baar bhikh mangte mangte logon se unke toothbrush mangne laga. Or iska khandan to itna gareeb h ki langar me Jake bhi ye log chura Kar hi khate h. Now I want to know whether poor people really do all these stuffs. And even if they do is it for fun or for needs. Referring to someone as poor and then shaming them in a way is not the humour I have known. And the best part is the celebs that come to the show they laugh their heart out on these non ethical jokes and joining them is the former cricketer of India and the current deputy Chief minister of Punjab.


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