Exclusive interview with Shiv Khera.

Posted by Nikon Naimisha
June 15, 2017

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“I’ll always give more than what I take.”

Next time when a little boy suddenly comes and washes your car in a traffic halt, slide your window glass and ask him – “Can you win?” Don’t be surprised if he says “Yes, I can.” He might be another Shiv Khera in the making.

Yes, I am talking of none other than the celebrated success guru, author of the bestselling ‘YOU CAN WIN’, ‘FREEDOM IS NOT FREE’, ‘LIVE WITH HONOUR’  and the likes. The boy from Dhanbad who once worked as a car washer for livelihood is now the inspiration for the millions on tips to success. 

Apart from being an author and a motivational speaker across the map, he was also recognized as a “Lousis Marchesi Fellow” an honor he shares with Mother Teresa.  Lions Club International awarded him with “Life time Achievement Award”

Here is a brief conversation Naimisha had with the Success Guru Mr. Shiv Khera :


Your very famous book “YOU CAN WIN” guided millions of people to success. My very first question, do you think you have won the race of success yet?

I don’t think so. I think it’s like a passage; there is a lot to do. It’s like when you stop practicing, what happens, they start slipping back. This is the way life is an ongoing process. You cannot live in the past nobility and your credibility is as good as the last contact. If you go to a store and do 100 things right but the last thing goes wrong people ultimately remember the last transaction. So the important thing in life is the ongoing process – it’s not over yet!

You are a businessman, author, educator, consultant – jack of all treads, but finally master of what?

I won’t say jack of all treads. I’ll classify that, we all have different roles to play in life. We are bread earners, parents and citizens of a country. We move in different angles. If you look at a citizen and if he is not involved socially – like you look at Rotarians and Lion club members, they all conduct blood donation and eye donation camps, are they activists or are they acting in the society? Well, they are activists. Just a person who stands up to fight corruption is an activist. So we all are doing something for the society.

In India it’s believed that no creative or intellectual person enters into politics. How do you contradict that?

There are different choices. Mandela(Nelson) never went to politics, he just fought the African war of independence and ended up forming a very big country. The same thing if you look at Netaji Subas Bose. These people never went into politics. It was a tour for them. People who are only looking to gain power for the sake of power, they are actually destructive for the nation, they are not constructive people. Only if you are oriented(socially), then only you should enter into politics.

India is a country where every year high number of youths and student commit suicide due to unemployment and study pressure when they don’t find career opportunities. In this situation, how do we find Mr. Shiv Khera telling us “WINNERS DO NOT DO DIFFERENT THINGS, THEY DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY?”

The major thing is talented people and graduates are committing suicide. There are studies which show the graduates are coming out from different B-Schools and Colleges when they don’t find employment. One side you say their no opportunities but other side a employer do not find good people to work with. A survey shows employment rate is highest  here with 27% but in other countries it 100% no companies or Ngo are coming here ,all are going to other countries. Many companies day by day are becoming corrupt. And Government of India is penalizing their own citizens today. If you don’t pay money they cut your electricity, water and all.

You have an Organization called “Country First” whose motive is to ensure “Freedom through education and justice.”  India has the best institute IIT, NIT, BITS, DU, KU and international schools then why when we go out we still find children with broom, bricks and cement as child labour, even some are employed in hazardous jobs and embroidery market. What has your organization done for them?

Ans- It’s not only child labour but also children involved in sexual assaults and kidnapping. We have filed PILs in the Supreme Court.

1-    To get the criminals out of the parliament in which right to elect should be accompany by right to reject.

2-     For honest citizens of the country to get justice there should be witness protection.

3-    To make sure India stays united.

Naimisha– Yes, that’s alright but what actions have you taken so far? Like government has imposed a ban on child labour but what is the alternative? Earlier they used to be the only earning source of their family but now even if there is free education for them and still they can’t get a square a meal a day ? How can they focus on studies while the age old proverb goes “Empty stomach is equal to empty brain”.

Mr.Shiv Khera-   Infact you have answered my own question. What you have said is exactly what I was going to tell. Please write down that as my answer and at the same time even reservation should not be there.

Do you think pre-planned ideas about success always work out, if so then why in post-planned politics you believed to be failed? You even formed a Party.

Ans-   I would not say I failed all I would say is it’s a big difference between failing and failure. Many people tell Anna Hazare failed, movement died everything is over but my point is I don’t think he failed he actually awakened the country, I, you and may be the citizens of the country failed we didn’t stand by. A person might have been fooled but that doesn’t mean that he is fool. The important thing is one has to fight and keep moving.  I did not know that I was going through during election’s the last two hours of the nomination close. Can you go unprepared and expect to win?  This is not the way to get into any electoral politics.

What message would you like to give to our  reader who unfortunately can’t not travel across the globe to attend your seminar but are excited to know about you?

In this competitive world youth are looking for direction, they feel rejected because they don’t find opportunities. Live with one principle that “I will always give more than what I take.” If you live with this principle then it is we who are the competitor of ourselves.




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