Feminists , I have bad news for you.

Posted by Swayam Pragyan Raut
June 29, 2017

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images (8)Feminist I have a bad news for you and a good news as well.

Bad news is, you shall never be an equal to the other gender. And good news is you don’t have to be an equal because differences are not always about disgrace. Sometimes they are boons. Remember when you were born? people had difficulty accepting you because they thought you will never be able to do things a male child can. You proved them wrong and so wrong in every way. You were better, so much better than the other sex. You won everyone’s Heart with your warmth,with your never ending sweet talks,  with your tranquilizing smiles and laughters. You were an enchantress, you were a charmer. Remember your first day in school? Many of them thought it was not your business and you belonged to kitchen. Sadly you never proved them wrong! You belonged to kitchen, you loved cooking , you loved feeding,you loved experimenting, you were master chef!!. But you did prove them studying was all your business too. Every father asked his son to be like you , to study like you did, to behave like you did . You made your parents so proud and your neighbour envious.

You made everyone teary eyes when you got married. They suddenly realised that tiny soul which they were reluctant to accept had become an addiction and the addiction was so bad it felt impossible to live with out you. Where ever you set your feet , you conquered with your love, warmth,  compassion and dedication. The differences you were born with were  not your weaknesses,  it was your strength , It was your own super power. You are a daughter, sister , grand daughter and a wife, something  the other gender will never be.

And then you got to be a mother, you were bit anxious about its acceptance because it was of the same sex as that of your. But to your surprise nobody questioned her existence , because they knew she would be a boon just like you.  She would be their tranquilizer , their addiction,  their pride just like you.

Feminist I have a bad news for you , you will never be an equal to the opposite gender. But the good news is you don’t have to be an èqual. Because differences are not always about disgrace and weakness ,sometimes it’s your strength , your power. You are unique, and that makes who you are. And never be an equal, you are lot more than that!! You are a woman.

P.S: we empower other women by our own action, not through words or any other thing

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