Fight with depression before you let it consume you

Posted by Aishwarya Ghuge
June 13, 2017

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In today’s world, there is a widespread “plague” and none of us even know when or how it might hit us. “Depression” begins quite normally. You start getting bouts of hopelessness and lose interest in daily activities. Sleep changes and anger surfaces. There is no point discussing the causes because these are side effects of the competitive, fast developing and extremely confusing world that we live in and at some point or the other, all of us face this in our lives.

The real problem is that we don’t even realise when these simple symptoms turn into a serious issue called depression. An issue which has only just started to be taken notice of. An issue which many people are embarrassed to share. An issue which henceforth may lead to self-harm and suicide. Therefore, the following are steps which we all must follow to make sure that even if we feel down one sudden evening, that does not lead to any more developments.

1: Make it a routine that at the end of the day, you pen down all that has happened with you. You can even message yourself! But the important thing is that it should not be “you” writing. You need to write as if you have a very close friend and that friend knows everything about you and it is she/he who writes to you. So, you need to reverse the “dear diary” formula! Trust me, this works like crazy!

2: As soon as you start feeling negative, latch on to something new and exciting! Do anything which gives you tingles and an adventurous feeling. Travel, learn baking, get a pet, join a society. Just make sure that whatever you do also enables you to meet new people and mix with them. Don’t do a loner activity.

3: Trust me. At intervals, just like our accounts, our lives also need filters. So filter through everything with
a reasonable mind. Your friends, family, job, daily routine, clothes, food and leave behind whatever you find holds you back. Live for your happiness also, not “only” for the sake of other people.

4: One very important thing you should try and do every day is to meditate! Simply relax your body, close your eyes and embrace the silence. Don’t push away thoughts though. As they come to your mind, fight with them and remember, nothing at that point is more important than your peace of mind.

5: This could be the most useful or most useless point. Whenever you go through a hard time, make this your mantra- “This too shall pass”! Remember, your brain reacts the way you think and by convincing it that your current problem will pass by in no time at all, you will always give it the motivation to fight. Never forget that after the storm comes the calm and if you make an attempt to think positively like this, your life will be happy and strong!

This might work or it might not but to be honest, for me, it did indeed work! I know how hard it is…almost impossible to tell anyone about this. So follow these points, believe in yourself.

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