From 75% Attendance to 75% marks: that,s only the story of indian education system.

June 17, 2017

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When today I see the educational structure or system in India. I feel something lacking to show a friendly match with the current market needs. Today, anyone who study the market can say that market is growing and Channing. But  I don,t know why I can’t feel the same change when I sit in my classroom. Maybe because we still follow the tranditional syllabus which was designed earlier for the needs of that time. But today everything has changed, in every minute we see new introduction of new technologies in market but do our syllabus meet those needs. Not a difficult question to answer because in most of the case the answer will be no. If no, then what is the use of taking knowledge from those books which only make us to get marks not to grab a job.There is a need to bring reform in our syllabus and to promote job oriented learning not marks oriented. Even if you secure a good marks by studying these syllabus , it cannot give you a guarantee of getting a good job. The model of current education system is in front of us, specially in technical field where 75% of engineers of this country are unemployed. Why they are unemployed? Only because they don,t know that what market needs from them and current system is not allowing them to do so. And the worst part is that when you are forced to attend college in such a scenario, where entering into class gives an felling of watching a boring movie because we know that the knowledge which we get are not going to meet our expectations. You cannot force anyone to get knowledge by putting a criteria og 75% only to secure 75% marks in exam. Instead if we bring reform in syllabus ,there are chances that students will automatically attend classes and have a better prospects in their life.

But today I won,t be wrong if I say that education system starts with 75% attendance and ends with 75% marks. Hope this will change soon.


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