Fun Activities that Kids can go for during Summer Holidays

Posted by The Paras World School India
June 7, 2017

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Kids love vacations and after a hectic session or you may also name it the “first inning”, students look forward to some excitement and ways to destress their mind and body. Most of the school students are either enjoying their summer vacation or on the verge of packing their vacation clothes. Why can’t we add activities and fun together with travel plans? Well, international schools in Gurgaon are on their toes trying to inculcate the importance of recreational activities. The preaching of these schools is to be imbibed for a fantastic second inning.

Fun Activities for kids during summer vacation

  • Adventure: Kids love adventurous sports. Ask what you kid wants to try and then accordingly the plan can be executed. You can try paragliding, swimming, summer camp etc. Check if there are any summer camps happening around your place. It can be an idea that will bring a big curve on your child’s face as summer camps have plenty for one to offer.


  • Be Social: This can sound a little off track but helping your kids understand the importance of a cleaner and greener society will be worth investing time on. Best international schools in Gurgaon have been trying this trick to make a student socially aware of the surroundings. If a kid is made aware of the small things in life, in the long run, it is them who bring about a bigger change. One important step can be planting trees in the park nearby.


  • Go Fishing: It has been proved that fishing improves one’s patience. Kids can be really impatient. This activity can be a life saver in bringing one of the most precious virtues in a human being. With the amount of fun, the kids will have, they will grow patient and you will love it.


  • Curiosity is the mother of all invention: It is good to know that top international schools in Gurgaon are trying to make the kids get curious with things around them. Without curiosity, there is no value to education. To nurture this, take them to a zoo where they see animals, take them to a bird sanctuary, have them visit museums where they get to see archaic items for them to introspect and ask questions. This is a great way to get your kids smarter.

There is no learning if the activities are not fun to participate in. Instead of making the kids get hooked to their textbooks, try these different ideas for an overall development of your kids. One of the best schools in Gurgaon, The Paras World School is on its path of making the children prepare for a wonderful vacation. Are you?


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