Go Rape And you’ll be always safe

Posted by Vanshita Shekhawat
June 8, 2017

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Dear Men,
These often encounters with these rape news have terrified us to the core that we are no more in the mood to go fight and have all patience’s that one day all victims will get justice. We are done waiting for the day to be safe in our own country/city/town/street/home. You can’t change and never you will. Women will be stared no matter what we wear, women will be harassed no matter how much we compromise, women will be ill-treated, abused and so on…. Never the Day will come when women will be treated the way we deserve. We are tired of having this hope. Never the Day will come when women will be safe to go home no matter what the time is. Never the Day will come when these safety apps and gadgets wouldn’t be needed. Never the Day will come when our family wouldn’t be worried about their daughters, wives, sisters coming back home before its dark. But what about the darkness these incidents have spread in our hearts and minds. No more we believe in law, no more we want justice. What wanted is our life and the freedom to live it our way that you people never will let us. Every now and then I wonder why only women?? No more we want to be superheroines of anyone’s life. We are done with everything, nothing can change this  behaviour. So I request you to please discuss among yourself and kindly forward us the rule book that ensures our safety and contain all the rules that doesn’t let down your male dominance. We will be happy to follow ever suggested rule or rather I should say brutality just see our mothers, sisters and female friends safe.
Yours Not faithfully
A woman

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