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Gooseberry Benefits and Recipes for Good Life

Posted by Aron Farnando
June 27, 2017

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Gooseberry is a delicious fruit available in entire world and it is considered as the rich source of vitamin C. In the view of health experts, gooseberry is a better fruit and more beneficial. We can add this gooseberry into many dishes to add more healthy components to them. It increase the freshness and value of the food. Gooseberry is also known as ‘ Nellikkai’, ‘Amla’ in different languages. In Ayurveda gooseberry plays an important role.
As said above, gooseberry is the rich source of Vitamin C. It contains 28% of Tannins. Gallo tannin is the major among them. Other important component is polyphenol. Gooseberry is also an important source of emblicanin and punigluconin.
People make many gooseberry recipes in their house. We can get many recipes those are made from gooseberry from the market also. Some of the gooseberry dishes are below.
  • Gooseberry Juice
  • Gooseberry pickle
  • Gooseberry Jam
  • Gooseberry Desert
  • Gooseberry Pie
  • Gooseberry Chutney/ Chammanty
Gooseberry juice can make easily in our home. It is equivalent to the Vitamin C rich orange juice. We can make it more delicious by adding mint leaves, some sugar/ salt, chilly… It adds more freshness to our brain and body. It can be consider as a delicious healthy drink. Find out more about our Mcdonalds menu items and promotions today!
Gooseberry pickle is also a tasty side dish for our lunch or dinner. It is more healthy pickle when it prepare properly. Gooseberry chutney is a common side dish for rice in South India. It can make more tastier by adding some coconut while grinding. We can preserve the gooseberries in salt water. It will become more spicier if you add chilly into it.
Gooseberry jam can also make into homemade product. Gooseberry desert, Pie etc is more pretty foods with gooseberries.
‘Good Food’ is said like that when it provides more to our healthy life. It will make our taste buds more active too. The tabulating of foods into good or bad is depending on its efficiency to maintain the proper functioning of the body. According to this concept we can realize that gooseberry is a good food. For ensuring this the following will help us.
  • Gooseberry with honey will help to maintain proper motion level.
  • Gooseberry with curd is effective for infections in the mouth. In Kerala a curry called ‘Nellikkai Pachady’ -Gooseberry pachady, a tasty dish of gooseberry and curd, is common.
  • Gooseberry foods help to purify the blood.
  • Gooseberry is better for diabetic patients.
  • Gooseberry chewing is more beneficial for our teeth.
  • Milk with gooseberry pieces will helpful to overcome the cold and sputum.

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