Posted by Anushka Nischal
June 1, 2017

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Just about 10 years ago from now I just finished my graduation. I just seemed like yesterday. Most people feel sad on leaving I just felt the opposite I felt happy and on top of the world. I never wanted to see the faces of any of my classmates. Yes I had made a mistake of choosing the wrong person as a friend and she ruined everything for me. I just wanted to get away from her and never speak to her. I remember she used to malign me be rude all the time talk like I was pice of shit and never wanted me to make any other friend. It seemed like yesterday that I had gone out of the gate of the college and never turned back. I changed my field after that have got a brilliant job and I am working in Canada with a brilliant job and a very caring husband the best friends I could hope for and my first child on the way I just feel I could contact that soo called friend of mine and tell her how is is to be in my position and yes the more you put me down the higher I rose. And I earn more than you and and have more satisfying life than you will ever have. I Have realised one thing people will try to put you down its you who has to get up and make way for yourself

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