Put An End To This Silent Suffering – Periods Are Not A Secret

Posted by Riddhi Shah in #IAmNotDown
June 5, 2017

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Long ago in my teens, one fine day during my summer vacations, my mom suddenly brought up a topic to educate me about something that was going to change me physically and mentally. The same old hush-hush topic – Menstruation.

There I stood, a little girl, feeling embarrassed and shocked, who just got to know that something is gonna happen to her body very soon, irrespective of whether she likes it or not. Then came the sex-education class where I got to know a little more about periods. Then the never-ending girl-gang gossip about the same. From that time, till now, a lot has changed in terms of how we used to perceive menstruation or periods. Now I go back and think why was it a ‘problem’ in the minds of young girls, whereas it should have been seen as a natural biological process. As time flew, I felt proud of being a woman, in spite of all the pain and mood swings it brings with it every month. And that’s because I belong to the health industry. But alas, not all girls get to feel the same. Let me tell you why. Thanks to the discomfort, the pain, the feeling of being ‘untouchable’ and not to forget the social beliefs related to menses like not entering the kitchen, not watering the plants, etc.

How will a woman feel confident and capable when all these things are going around her and also in her mind, which are imbibed into her by her own family. Hence, we need to have a very practical approach towards this phase of a woman’s life.

On one hand, where women hesitate to speak about periods and things related to periods, on the other hand, there is a man breaking this taboo and educating the society on this less-discussed topic. Here’s a straight-forward video from Chinu Kwatra (27), who is into marketing by profession, and also the co-founder of a Mumbai-based NGO named Aarna Foundation. He is also the District Secretary of All India Council for Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice.

His words have hit the heart of every woman and yes we want more men like him. He explained how periods are just a normal & natural thing and why it should be discussed in the society. He also mentioned some caring tips which every man should take when a woman is on period. He took his first step in breaking the taboo, now it’s your turn.

So ladies, why are we still shy? Put an end to this silent suffering. Periods are a boon, not a curse. The problems are always going to be there. But we have to show that we are stronger than the problems! So, go ahead and TALK about periods and create awareness in the next generation. And for men, support your woman during this phase of her life

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