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Harassment of Police to elderly,lonely couples in collaberat with sqatters and land Mafias

Posted by DrMadhumita Devi
June 9, 2017

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Being a student of journalism I always dreamed to be a journalist. But the sprout of my dream always growing inside me. I always raised my voices for any discrimination, harassment and corruption. I can not tolerate any discrimination,disrespect,disloyalty of people. I prefer free lancing in news papers Odia and english, blogs, about human rights, law, women empowerment ,legal questions answers . , I have started writing blogs, about curruption,discrimination towards people,communities . Recently one of my closest friend challenged me to write about my legal problems, discriminations in legal system and police department for which I am struggling alone.The long story short ,my ancestral property I inherited from my grandfather, is forcibly occupied by a couple Gitanjali Bastia and her husband Pradip Tripathy without any legal and documental proof of their claim and harassing me for last three years, mentally and physically , though they have no documentary evidences of their claim. The irony is being juggling in professional life and home front I unable to follow up my matters . I have approached IIC Janardan Padhi of Sri Lingaraj Police station and requested him to interfere in my matter with FIR, court orders, evidences and requested him to protect us because my two children are in US and me and my husband living alone, threatening calls, abusive messages, stone pelting made us vulnerable of any crime because recent past some lonely and elderly couple killed in Bhubaneswar.But he not only refused but the language he used on phone is beyond my wildest imagination. I have approached ex Commissioner of Police about the incident, he let me wait till ten o clock night from seven pm,with out a glass of water and it was raining heavily outside the office sent my visiting card the time I have arrived through his personal staff, he gave me 5 minutes and behave as if I have come to beg money from him. I was aghast. I have never imagined a person much junior in service of my husband and knows about my credentials can behave like this. I have spoken only one sentence to him, God forbids if in my condition your wife will stand before some one for justice kindly keep this in mind, you will retire one day I am not here to beg favour from you I want impartial justice. I met DCP same night, he registered the FIR and directed IIC Mr Padhi to look after the matter. Mr Padhi delivered his final report as per witnesses there nothing happened in the suit plot, without taking any statement from me or see the evidences and call records ,videos, or suit plot where the building material are deposited . I have no idea what exactly prevented him to supervise the plot. According to The Odisha Urban Police Act 2003,police can interfere in matters of land grabbers,land mafias, squatters with out any valid documents and evict them from government and private lands.The three witnesses he mentioned in his final report are inhabitants of near by slum. One is a hardcore criminal and he is on and off from jails, other two are plumbers and taken 20,000 from me for my water connections and my complaint to SDO water works department is still under supervision. I have filed one 1CC against the final report in the court of SDJM Bhubaneswar and no one from opposite party appeared till now. In mean while I have opened one door on my garage wall , out of the blue the couple started abusing me in filthy languages, I have silently filed an FIR again knowing nothing this IIC fellow will do, in between I have met addl commissioner and DCP several times and given all documents, video clippings, photos, record of rights of me and harassment by IIC and given all documents how he is saving the couple under his arm but the stone is still unturned. Though my husband gone through bypass surgery , I have to run every nook and corner because my children reading in US. I have approached DCP to at least allow me to repair and plaster my walls which gone worse in current tremors, but he overlooked the fact . I became silent and recorded all incidents on phone and camera. Alternative days IIC send some constables to call me to police station the reason best known to him.One day two police officers came to my house and delivered a notice of warrant on me and my husbands. I was surprised and angry because how dare he send me warrant and booked us in under section 107 being known my husband is sick, and retd Indian Forest service officer and a practicing lawyer, me practicing for more than twenty five years in high courts with state and central government organisations . But we both obeyed the law and appeared before court of Adll DCP and given our so cause. We are respected citizens and belongs to upper class of the society, what type of crime can be apprehended from us ?. But several reminders from the court of Addl DCP to Mr Padhi never arrested the couple and despite of status quo they are rented out to some families in my suit plot and using half of it as garage ignoring court orders because they have nexus with police. This is the condition of us being lawyer and rule abiding citizens what about people those are ignorant? Photo of certified copies posted here .Before filing defamation in their names ,I invite lawyers, medias, police department to take my case as an example how land grabbers snatching lands from people feeding money to corrupted police officers to overlook genuine people. . But I know no one can not hide truth for ever. Justice will be served may not today but tomorrow is not far.

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