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Here’s how to get the cheapest air tickets

Posted by Misha Mehra
June 21, 2017

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If you have been flying continuously for the past few years, you must have noticed that flight prices, even the cheapest ones are going high these days. Consumers are now paying a lot more than what they used to. But, finding the cheapest flight is not rocket science. Therefore, with a little research and some flexibility, you can save a lot without spending a bundle. So, here are a few tips and tricks for savvy travelers on how to get the cheapest flights:

  • Always be flexible with your travel date and time: Airfare prices vary as per the days of the week, time of the year, such as Diwali, Christmas or New Year. So if you are going to fly at a time when most of the people usually prefer traveling, airfare prices will be relatively higher. Therefore, you must try to remain flexible with your travel dates. Besides, it’s always cheaper, if you decide to travel during mid-weeks rather than weekends. For example- most of the people travel on weekends due to which most of the airlines hike their prices. In simple words, be flexible when you will fly to stay ahead of everyone else.


  • Fly with budget airlines: Earlier when we wished to fly between continents, we were mostly stuck with expensive airlines. Well, nowadays, budget airlines have made it easy for you to travel long-haul routes. Though you get few perks while traveling with budget airlines, but you can save a good amount of money by searching for cheapest airfare. No-frills airlines generally charge you for printing your boarding pass, using a credit card, carry-ons, checked bags, etc.


  • Try to be flexible with your destination: If you are not flexible with when to fly, at least be flexible with where to fly. Today, airline search engines have made it very easy to search the entire world in order to find the cheapest airfare.


  • Use airfare calendar: Well, airfare calendar helps you to find the cheapest deal for air travel. This is the easiest way to check airfare between two or more cities for the whole month. With its help, you can see the lowest airfare for the day and regular airfares for coming days of the month.


On the whole, it’s not hard to find the cheapest airfare. Just follow these points outlined above and save money on your next trip.

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