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Posted by Aron Farnando
June 24, 2017

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Becoming a wedding photographer is much more than acquiring technical knowledge on how to take a perfectly timed shot. The main purpose of hiring a wedding photographer by the couple is to capture all the fleeting, intimate moments in the whole ceremony as memories for people to see and share later on.  So if you are looking to find some important basics of wedding photography to improve your artistic work in future, here are few tips from one of the best wedding photographer in Mumbai.

Surveying the Wedding Location

While most of the Wedding Photographers decide to skip this step, it can really be handful to capture some great moments during the whole affair. Try to get a vague idea of all the shots you can take during the ceremony. If possible, try to visit the wedding location a day earlier with the couple and take few test shots so that everything falls into place on the wedding night.

Always have your ‘Shot List’ ready

Another key necessity you need to fulfill as your duty of a Wedding Photographer. Sit down with the bride and groom a couple of days prior to the wedding and imagine about the different types of camera shots you would like to capture. Always include their preferences into your tiny list as well try to tick them off the list. This might not look that difficult thing to plan but you don’t want to imagine an aftermath scene where you would have skipped few important shots on your list.

Always be Ready for Everything

There is a plethora of things that can go wrong on the day. You could run out of batteries, your memory card could corrupt; you can get stuck in traffic while reaching the venue, bad weather may spoil the event. These are some of the real possibilities that could interrupt the proceedings. Therefore, you need to be well prepared in advance to handle them. Try to scout locations for secondary shots if you are not able to take pictures on preferred locations. Have backup batteries and memory cards and try to reach the venue well in time.

Try to Exceed Expectations

You might have created some wonderful wedding shots in your past assignment but always try to raise the bar at the next event. During your shot selection with the couple a day prior to the wedding, show them some of your best stuff from back in the day. Try to figure out their expectations from your, which and how many particular shots they want, different things they want you to record at the event. Don’t just content yourself with standing up to the couple’s expectations. Try to break them.

Every Small Detail Matters

The best wedding photographer in Mumbai happens to skip smaller things because they consider them as extraneous to the event. But for the wedding couple, every small detail matter. Take photographs of the wedding rings, the dresses to be worn on the wedding day, shoes, table settings, venue decorations and much more. The couple likes to remember each and every moment of their special day and adding these shots in the wedding album add an altogether new dimension to it.

Always have multiple cameras ready

The biggest mistake a wedding photographer can do is to bank on a single camera to do all the work at the wedding. Do anything possibly to get a secondary camera for the event. Set both the cameras up with different lens – a wide angle one and a longer lens to cover the whole ceremony. This allows you to take different variety of shots at the same time.

Finally, Have Fun

At the end of the day, Weddings are all about celebrations. They are meant to be enjoyed and have fun at and why should the wedding photographers be any different to that nature. Try to relax yourself as much as you can at the ceremony.  Smile to every person you see at the wedding to loosen them up. This helps you in getting a more relax and candid picture of the attendees at the event than by forcibly taking their shots. The more liven the moment is, the more relax the couple and family members will feel, the better your wedding shots will become.

The Last Words

Wedding Photography is an art form. You can have all the technical knowledge in the world to take the best pictures, but if you don’t mix them up with the emotions flowing in the ceremony, you will miss out on something important at the ceremony. The best wedding photographer in Mumbai won’t try to take too many perfect shots. Instead, they would only try to bring out the emotional side of the people at the event.

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