His eyes were saying everything…

Posted by Anjali tushir
June 10, 2017

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It was happened in year 2014. I was in 2nd year of my graduation (Bsc. Nursing) in AIIMS. On that day , I posted in blood collection unit where blood collection done for OPD patients. So we were group of 3 student and usually timing of our posting was 10 to 12:30 in the morning . We were there for learning purpose. On first day we observed how to find a fine vein , how to insert , how much blood need to withdraw for different investigation. There were 5 counters that time( I don’t know the present situation) and counter one was specially for retro positive patient and hepatitis etc basically for those where u need universal precautions to withdraw blood. As I said before 12:30 is counter closing time and in govt. Setup 12:30 means 12:00. So on that day also , by 12:05 pm all counter became clear and this counter no 1 lab technician had leaved by 11:45am. So we also about to leave and suddenly a mother rushed to counter 1 and said that sorry she got late (it was 12: 25pm that time ,it means according to govt timing she was on right time but I think she also knew about govt setting that’s why she was requesting to staff) .I was on counter 3 and counter no 4 lab technician were present that time , and she requested him to took sample of 10 year old son who was HIV positive , and the reason for their delay was his school exam… yes that 10 year boy was in school dress and very thin , innocent and of course little confused. After so many request and bargaining, counter number 4 lab technician refused to withdraw blood , and Reason is that may he got HIV infection (I was like seriously ..)..and asked that lady to find counter 1 incharge. All this drama took already 20 min . And by 1 :00 pm , all sample were collected from there and send to main laboratory so she was still requesting and saying that this test is regular CD4 cell count that is very important to check the immune status of HIV patient. And as a student I was not allowed took sample. But then I saw the face of that boy , he was so puzzled and looking at his mother who was about to cry then I standup and directly moved toward counter and I asked  him to came here and yes a sign of relief on his mother face , she was constantly thanking me and I took a deep breath ( yes I was so happy that time for that boy),after taking sample and with eye gesture I  said ” ho gya” and finally he smiled that made my day. So this all happened in premier institute and more than this this all was done by so called trained health care worker , in other words ” padhe likhe gwar” . And believe me ,he ( lab technician)was not alone, there are still majority of people  who show discrimination toward HiV – AIDS person. But that incident actually shaken me . I was worried that what kind of  world we are presenting to our future generation. He was just 10 year old and his eyes were saying everything. So I just want to make request to all people who are reading this: ” please help everyone if you can , you really don’t how badly they need your help, you never know there situation so don’t be judgemental and for health worker I wanna say that people consider you as god.. ..so please don’t break there hope because you people are last hope of so many people.



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