Horribly torchered coz animal welfare and police is a slave of Politicians

Posted by Samrin Khan
June 2, 2017

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Me and my  stray dogs have no hopes of life. Torcher is not ending up. Just because PFA the biggest animal welfare organization in hyderabad is a team of Telgu Territory not A team of ppl who are worried about dogs. They pushed me to sit back in Police Station and say yeah ok I will compromise. A whole village who gathered me up with wood rods and tried killing my dogs, when my 2 month old kid is lying with holes on over the body They are all being set free coz of PFA forcing me to say ok I will compromise. A welfare organization for whom a ladies self rescpect or character means nothing, who was always a humiliation whenever I had to go through shitt to save dogs is a big well known name in india. No action is being taken against These abusive villagers who bashed up my dogs, who hitted me too coz Local Telgu Pfa ppl sat in PS and protected them. Top of that being handicapped as always they do not have a place for these 11 strays but they have big political words to throw you are doing a great job we are with you. Today morning started again with a dirty experience when a local villager thrown stone on my dog laughed and moved and PFA which is so helpless is being considered as an authority for animals. Animals have nothing to do with politics. You ppl are a big shame on the name of animal organization. You ppl are a big shame on the name of all the animal lovers who put their lives on risk to save dogs. You ppl question characters of ladies and you allow ppl to do it. You barely give a damn to what is happening to a dog who cant even express what he is going through. I have several expereinces when you ppl are the biggest protection for animal abusers not animal savers. You are incapable to help a dog and you allow humiliation to ladies who put their best to save them. Atleast have some dignity if you cant help dont dominate them who are doing it. A GIRL gathered by whole villages called a slut a dirty characterless north indian hitted and abused a  month old pup with holes all over the body abused horribly if you cant see  him with your open eyes shame on you. I am done begging help for these  strays all around. PFA is a name who is earning name talking big gathering fame not an organization who believe to work for animals. Me and all my dogs are going through horrible humiliation coz of dirty politics coz of dirty welfare involved to protect and doing slavery of politicians coz of being a women and I feel shitt I am in india. I feel shitt that I live among political ppl who make a blast on media if someone touch their voulanteer but force other females to compromise if someone hitt them abuse them for having dogs shame on you PFA SHAME

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