How body shaming in my childhood has affected my self image… till date

Posted by Sonali Ratha
June 17, 2017

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I took upon my father’s genes… so I have a wider frame. But it is no where near fat or even chubby. But the thing is I know about that now… when I was a kid I was ridiculed by my own cousins for my body… over which I had no control… no one has control over genes. All my cousins were skinny and my own sister was skinny as well… so everyone… every cousin of mine used to make fun of me because of my body. In social gatherings when the normal jokes ran out the jokes upon me would start. And I again repeat the fact that I was not ‘fat’ but in their eyes I was… I just had a wider body type… and still do… Even if I workout go on diets my body will remain the same… it will never be skinny as the trend is now… I had been told very rude thing about my body by my own brothers and sisters and nobody thought twice how I would feel. Once I could not take it and cried… then my didi said “bura laga? Me kya karun? Jo muhn me aya bol di” those comments do not go away from the mind. I repeat DO NOT. It took me more than 12 years to over come the inferiority complex I had and to stop blaming my father for passing me on his genes. Body shaming is a horrible thing. It does more harm to a body than being obese or being unhealthy does. So i just want to request stop ridiculing people for their skin type, skin colour, height, weight… any thing. You may not know the reason behind it… even if you think you are doing them a favour just stop… it does more harm.

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