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How Indian call centers should work

Posted by Patruni Chidananda Sastry
June 21, 2017

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if you want to get a horse up to its limit, You need to graze it heavy too – Panchatantra

As there is notion that in India Call center jobs are easy, Low paid and stressful work. But all of them are wrong. Not everyone is fit for all jobs and the best only ever survive.

Indian call center doesn’t provide much exposure to all of the customers nor the employees. How can you forget that until you provide happiness and satisfaction to your employees how will you satisfy your customers . its just like searching for a thing in a dark room without light. to make your customer satisfaction better start with your employee and know that Charity begins at home.

As a continuous research of mine I gone through some of the employee complain that this industry never gives leaves for daily purpose, nor a good growth and at the most no respect. As a customer representative, a person end up getting abused first by customers for not helping, then by the supervisors for not reaching the targets, and at last by family for not getting more payee. serving a customer is an art and a representative is not a doll for listening your retentions. So that why this industry has highest attention rates .

To over come all this and give a Agent with good scope to perform well and be the voice of your company , providing a environment to enrich and survive is essential. Companies need to believe that to give a human touch to the customers you too need to treat your employee’s as humans

Most technological companies come with a unique ways to uplift the quality of this business and give the employee a good way to help and be the best of there work with respect to which the provide high range of customer satisfaction also. cutting down the stress levels and a professionalizing the companies atmosphere to curtail ill behavior of the supervisors and higher team to its extend. Zero patients is given to tolerate even a negative word towards the peer .

So Being in Support industry its all deals with the human interactions and feeling . dealing every personals of respect and priority people will tend to give a good productivity

The Voice of your company is Customer Agent , If you Raise Your Voice ,Your Business Goes Low

Role models of Customer support are Nancy Friedman, Says if your customers are abusive , you need to take initiative to safeguard yourself like this

I Can Handel your issue and get resolution to it, However I Cannot Handel your Abuse , Please help me with your concern further.

As these type of responses need to be validated in Indian Support Companies to save the values and provide world class Customer Service. Its a best Industry, Only few thing are needed to be in place

So lets make it easy, friendly and deliver best Customer Support

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