How Indian Serials Teach Us To embrace patriarchy

Posted by Shruti Dash
June 22, 2017

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Hello everyone.

It is well known to us that we live in a society which is predominantly patriarchal.Starting from female foeticide till rapes there are uncountable heinous crimes against women.And the worst part is that we don’t even have a little concern about them.

For each and every crime we blame the victims very easily.Girls at a tender age are taught to be submissive and the same parents make their boys feel as if they are entitled and powerful and have every right to control the women.Needless to mention the various aspects of this very topic.

As all of us know,media is a powerful tool for making an impact on individuals mind and soul.Television is a good example of this.Basically the purpose of a television is entertainment of people.There are numerous channels for entertaining us of which most of us opt for Hindi serials and ofcourse regional programs.

I don’t watch television very often.But my family members are fond of odia and hindi day i just came across an odia serial.And I found out the most funny aspect of it.

To summarize ,Indian serials depict a girl as their lead role which is actually a way of pretending that we respect of our ‘so called’ mothers,wives,sisters and daughters.The lead actress must be a typical,ideal indian woman who covers her head with veil and sindoor and obeys every rules set by her in-laws.And the villian must be another woman who is somewhat modern than her.

By writing all this I mean to say is that all of these have some negative impact on people’s mind.It subconsciously set some standard of ideality which an indian woman must live up to.If she deviates from this a little bit she is considered as a whore or a slut.

When we talk about feminism we must include these matters in it which prevent us from achieving equality.Because many people still believe in such rubbish things and judge a women based upon these things. Modifications needed in such serials in order to change the mindset of people and thereby making the path of equality a little bit easier.



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