What You Need To Know About Living In A City Like Mumbai

Posted by Shubham Ahuja
June 28, 2017

A visit to a bustling metro can leave any small city-visitor either overwhelmed or over-excited. The change can be drastic and it is easy to experience a bit of a culture shock. If you are planning to make a move to a metro, it may take time for you to adjust and settle down into a calm routine. Life no longer seems as frenetic but it makes sense to be a little prepared. Here is what you need to know about living in a metro like Mumbai.

Life is Fast

Metros are busy places and everyone is on the move. Being centres of commerce and trade, things to be done on time and people need to be punctual so that the entire system is kept running perfectly. The pace does slow down as the day ends but come the next morning and it starts all over again. However, whether you jump into the fray of being on the run for the dream job, your telecom provider will play a big role to help you network, move around (Uber, Google Maps, etc all require data), etc.

Modern Facilities are Readily Available

Metros like Mumbai are more developed than Tier II and Tier III cities. As such, residents can enjoy the benefits of modern living and be at the forefront of technological change. Communications networks are extensive and residents do not have to worry about poor mobile phone coverage. They can make the most out of the postpaid plans in Mumbai (if they live here) or other metros and avail of the full benefits of the plan they choose. There are many mobile service providers deliver the highest clarity of voice calls backed by reliable service network. They offer various plans to suit individual, family and corporate needs such as Infinity plan that offers unlimited local and STD calls along with bonus data.

Better Infrastructure

Though metros tend to be more crowded, the higher population density also translates into them getting better infrastructural facilities. In addition to good mobile phone networks, residents do not often have to be at the receiving end of power cuts and other inconveniences. While there may be exceptions, they are fewer and far between.

Good Educational Institutions

Metros are home to numerous educational institutions. Residents can choose from schools, colleges and high schools offering quality education. Metros are also likelier to be home to notable centers that offer other levels of education like certification and diploma courses. A good, reliable telecom connection with Internet plan while traveling can be a boon to students from their home cities to study in metros as they have the power to stay connected all the time.

Availability of Products

You do not need to lament the lack of availability of products if you are living in a metro. You can find virtually everything from handmade items to designer wear to the latest technological advancement. Newer fashions hit these cities faster. But, with the advent of high speed Internet data on mobiles and online shopping, these gaps have lessened drastically.

Range of Cuisine

There are more restaurants in metros that cater to different palates. Various eatery chains are also set up. Influences from various cultures come together to offer a wide choice of cuisine. Street food to mid-priced fare to fine dining; the experience is both memorable and exciting. Don’t forget to check out online reviews on your mobile, before you head out.

There are different standards of living between metros but one aspect ties them all together: the high cost of living. However, salaries in these cities match the high cost of living and the facilities, the infrastructure and the throbbing night life in cities such as Mumbai make it all worthwhile. Telecom providers allow each resident of these cities stay in touch with loved ones across the country as well as use their mobile Internet day to stay connected while on the go with family, friends and even bosses.