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How my startup Papyrofix came into existence?

Posted by Shounak Pal
June 15, 2017

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Papyrofix Pvt Ltd had been initially visualized as an earnest initiative towards infusing fresh gusto into the already upcoming field of publishing technology and services. The visualization has thereafter gradually found shape and form holding hands with its founder members and their sincere efforts towards delivering the services they promise. Headquartered at Kolkata, Papyrofix Pvt Ltd, now a registered company, has been the brainchild of its founder and co-founder who sought help from few like-minded others building a team of seven who then decided to take Papyrofix to new heights and infiltrate the fabric of the world of publishing to make its own mark in the domain. Therefore, Papyrofix Pvt Ltd has been designed to cater to a considerably wide range of services which include Content Development, Proofreading / Editing, Web Development and Instructional Design. This has been possible only because the core members of the founding team have been competent enough in their own fields of expertise to handle the individual services themselves even when Papyrofix had merely started with manpower of only 7.

As is true for any other start-up endeavours, the preliminary part of the journey of Papyrofix had not been smooth given the lack of sponsors and the fact that it is a bootstrapped start-up which is still functioning from the personal finances of the founding members and operating revenues of the company. Although efforts are being relentlessly made to arrange for the necessary funding for the company to grow, nothing could be arranged as yet. However the services we have already started delivering to international clientele from different parts of the world including Australia, United States, India, Singapore, New Zealand and UAE and the appreciation we have received for the jobs well done is expected to soon bear fruits and fetch the financial endowments we have been looking forward to.


As far as services are concerned we have primarily provided content development services to varied clientele as already mentioned above and have made sure that the contents delivered by our content team are in no way compromised in terms of quality. Therefore contents developed by Papyrofix are made to pass though multiple quality checks manually, as well as via computer systems to nullify the chances of the occurrence of any error before any content or piece is sent to the clients. Thus our vision is “To deliver the best as we promise and to make it big in the markets we operate in.” This only becomes possible with the contribution of the core team members who strive to cater to all the needs of the clients and deliver the best of services for them.

Executive Members


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from SRM University, Chennai, the Chief Founding Member of Papyrofix is pursuing MBA in Finance from Pondicherry University at present and has an intrinsic finesse that aids him in successful client management and business development as a whole. He also manages the crucial tasks of hiring and social media management for Papyrofix, without which the smooth running of the company would have never been possible. He is basic Six-Sigma certified and is also certified in digital marketing, which makes him the ideal person for the functions he is undertaking at the company. Another feather in his cap of success would be his hobby for creating poetry many of which have been already published online. At present he is also collaborating with two other poets for publication of a collection of poems in near future. He has also won a poem contest hosted by Poignant Painters, which has led him to be qualified in Top 40 poets all over India. He also has 3 years of experience in the field of Life Sciences to top it all.


He is equally responsible for the uphill journey of the company and has contributed immensely in the initial stage when making the company functional was the primary hurdle for the entire team.  A post graduate on applied microbiology, he later shifted his interests to the field of clinical research, for which he has two published research papers to his credit. He is also a very gifted classical musician with an intricate sense of art and a favourable inclination towards culture as a whole. At Papyrofix he successfully handles client communication and social media promotion, both of which happen to be two of the most important pillars which are holding Papyrofix aloft.



CEO & Marketing Head

The CEO & Marketing Head at Papyrofix has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology from SRM University, Chennai and specializes in Digital Marketing and Research. He has undergone SAP BI training and also has experience in Moodle administration. He also has experience in working with mean stack technology for development of 3LMS projects. Currently his field of operation is blockchain development, client presentation etc. Apart from these varied range of experiences he has acquired, he also has a basic knowledge of Japanese and a working knowledge of SEO and SMM. He is also Facebook blueprint Certified, which along with his other experiences, makes him proficient enough to handle the capacities he has been assigned in the company.

Web Developer

A B.Tech from SHIATS, Allahabad, he fell in love with computers at a very tender age and the thrill he felt to see the computer running his commands in QBASIC was his first stepping stone towards the further studies he had pursued to know current technologies even more closely. He is experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Php, MySql, Bootstrap and AJAX. He also has a basic knowledge of R, C#, Ruby on Rails and Android Development. His impeccable knowledge on all the prerequisite technologies of Web Development has helped him launch 2 versions of the Papyrofix website with much expertise and as of now, the final version of the website speaks pretty clearly for itself and its maker.

Joint Web Developer

She passed graduation in BCA from ABSS Institute of Higher Education under West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) and post-graduation in MCA from The University of Burdwan. She has very good grasp on programming languages like C, basics of Php, MySql, HTML, Core Java, Basics of Visual Basic 6 and also, basics of DBMS. She has also undertaken a number of academic projects like Retail Management System using Core Java, Library Management System using Visual Basic 6 and College Management System using Php, MySql. All these experiences that she has acquired have helped her aid our Web Developer in creating the Company Website without a flaw and without a single glitch in its functioning. She is also adept in providing Web Development Services to clients as and when required.



Content Head

Although an engineer from IIT Kanpur by training, writing had always been his passion and he has always pursued it with great interest and dedication. He has the gift of fluid writing and can write on any given topic backing them up with considerable research and study. This of course is a pre-requisite in any content writer and that makes him an asset to the company. As far as content writing is concerned the primary criterion for client retention is quality writing that reflects singularity and uniqueness. He is capable of both and thus has helped expand our client base.

Joint Content Head

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with Honours in English Literature and Language under the University of Calcutta and works in the capacity of Joint Content Head at Papyrofix. She has been a connoisseur of language and literature since her very childhood and has pursued her interests further into learning a foreign language later on. She has a basic knowledge of French with a beginners’ certificate from Ramkrishna Mission Institute and a certificate in Translation studies from CENTIL, Jadavpur University. Her interest in various languages had spiked her interest all the more in translation works and she has a number of published translated stories (from Bengali to English) of eminent  author Late Manab Gangopadhyay, to her credit along with a couple of translated books (From Bengali to English) pertaining to academic writings by professor and renown author Mr Avik Gangopadhyay. Her exposure to different kinds of writing makes her capable of taking up any kind of content and deliver it with just the right kind of finishing touch is her expertise.

Given the joint efforts of all the core team members of Papyrofix Pvt Ltd, the company is on its way to gaining considerable recognition in its field of operation and with a little help from connoisseurs, it can reach incredible heights and deliver impeccable services to clients worldwide.

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