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Posted by Anchor Rupal Prajapati
June 12, 2017

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Date: 12-06-17

Rise of Withering Hope!

They say:

Reading books is an escape from reality,
                                      so why not become a book that is a therapist?)

Ever heard of books you can interact with?
Human Library is a movement that aims at breaking stereotypes and perceptions through dialogue and friendly conversation. It is a concept where you can borrow a live book, a human and hear them telling their stories. The library allows the unsaid to be said and lets people go beyond the written word. The readers can experience a whole new life through the human book.

Having its roots in Denmark in the year 2000, this initiative has found global appeal extending to more than 70 countries around the world, with events occurring in different cities. India saw this concept initiated at IIM Indore campus in November, 2016, followed by Hyderabad being the second in the league. Off lately, the movement was extended to Mumbai and is soon to grow its roots in the capital, Delhi.

Don’t like reading? Don’t stress
Come and listen to our vocal Books!


  • What happens when you know the battle of survival is difficult? Let a cancer survivor enlighten you about dawning hope of life.
  • Ever wondered how it feels to be a girl child who is cursed each day for being a girl, who was never wished for by her own father!
  • Take a glimpse of the journey of drug abuse survivor who managed to finally recover his sobriety and found another high.
  • Get yourself inspired by the story of a fighter who chose not to be a victim of regionalism at school and created his own image of being a hero by helping others!


And, many other stories wanting to be shared and heard, of people who chose to be themselves.
The motive is to facilitate open and honest conversations that can lead to greater acceptance, tolerance and cohesion in the society. One can borrow the book of his/her interest and dive into the ocean of realism and find one’s hopes and dreams renewed with their infectious zest for life.

Wait! You can be a book too!

If you have been discriminated against for being yourself, if you’ve ever found yourself being judged by people, in short, if you have made yourself a lemonade when life gave you sour lemons, come be a book and spread the joy.

We present here an opportunity to embrace the power that ignites within by way of creating a platform to talk, transform, connect and share.

Human Library Project-Delhi invites you to be a part of a revolution that breaks the taboos. Be a book or read one, either way, participate and make a difference to the world as we know it to the one we dream of.

Venue: Innov8
Date: 18th June, 2017


Let’s talk and share stories.

Real people!Real conversations!


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