humble request to Mehbooba, Omar, leaders Leading the kashmir

Posted by Kashur Lekhaan
June 30, 2017

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It feels like war is on, people born to fight, hate and humiliation been gifted to Senior Citizens, Women and Children across the Valley of Kashmir


CM Of the Kashmir Mehbooba is as silent as Omar on the other end is valiant on Twitter

Most of the religious, separatist, official or non-official group so called parties are leading the nation to no end but dead end. People in middle (civilians) have no idea what is underway and what not can happen anytime due to the situations in this Indian Occupation.

People would wish, care and love leaders more when they grow themselves to the next levels actually describes the nation is growing and going towards growth and success.

However leaders leading the Kashmir have their ways and people leading the ways have left the people under such darkness where people not even understanding and get confused with every single piece of information.

Living sources, economy, industrialisation, technology is far far conceptual imagination becoming to people of Kashmir, where every individual is struggling by hook or crook.

The Mulutple parties with Muluple leadership system is to be controlled over and the growth of nation to be prioritised instead of leading the situations towards fight, destruction, war, crime and hopefully these daily causlities as none of the single was reported from leaders family.


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