Hypocritical patents

Posted by Shreya Rai
June 2, 2017

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Nowadays we only get to see articles on how children’s should behave with there parents,how bad some childrens are these,what parents did to us to make us mature n all
M not saying that all parents are bad but there are some parents who also need to learn that how to handle your kid who is going through depression,how to give a bit of freedom to your child,always trust your child,don’t listen to outsiders
I desperately want you to do something for this
Not only you I want whole India to focus on this topic
In whatsapp we get to see many videos based on how a child should be to there parents,that how much our mother n father managed to bring us her but sometimes it’s not fully true there are some parents who force there children to opt career which they can show off in society n they don’t even care what the child thinks
Please make this topic spread out in whatsapp Facebook every where
In fact parents counselling should be done
Hope you make it something soon😊

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