I love watching ‘india vs pakistan’. But Not In A Way These News Channels Want MeToLove It

Posted by sunidhi koundal
June 4, 2017

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I switched on the TV set this morning to start my day with some igniting debates. As we all are aware about growing number of news channels nowadays. Every morning we enjoy the shit they serve in our plates in the name of “200 express – do sau khabarein bina break”,  “News bulletin-dus minute mein dus badi khabarein”as if there is some kinda competition going on between these channels about who gets the worse news for their viewers. Anyway this should not be our primary focus, this is their job.This is how they make money. The thing which is of utmost concern is how deep they can bury the reality in order to bring up their shallowness. Since the news of the beheading of two Indian soldiers at Krishna Ghati sector of Kashmir’s Poonch district broke on May 1, several Indian TV channels have gone into a hyper nationalist mode. “Do ke badley saat”, “karaara jawab” 

– the headlines and breaking news screaming at us from news channels would perhaps have been a little more palatable if there was an element of truth in them.

Let’s think about it in deeper context. Debates?
Every news channel organizes this 5 to12 people panel thing and scream over the on going issues. This seems interesting as we get to know the ideas and opinions of different sections of the society. But what if these debates are build up on the foundation of the mere aim of spreading hatred.

June 4,the day is here ladies and gentlemen.
India to play against Pakistan.
I remember my P. T. teacher used to lecture us about the importance of sports, sportsman spirit, and teamwork. As far as i know from my high school text books, the main objective of these tournaments is to bring countries and an people together. The rings in the olympic logo aimed to encourage world unity. “Lifting each other up and standing together” one can easily understand this by concept of sports.


“Virat karenge surgical strike”, “Pakistan ko milega muh tod jawab”.

These are the titles of the debates about CHAMPION’s TROPHY india Vs pak match. Yes, a cricket match. These people are filling up all the hatred in a few hours sport and firing it up directly towards a million viewers. This is way more serious than it looks.
Ever thought why we are so concerned about India vs pak? Ever thought why we cannot accept losing from Pakistan? Why can’t we watch it like india vs SL?
Most of you must have remembered World cup, 2011. I still remember my grandmother used to saychahe cup na jeete, par pakistan se nahi harna”
I laughed at her statement at that time but now when i think of it, it scares me. The fact that we cannot TOLERATE being beaten up by Pakistan in a cricket match scares me.
The news that a man in Pakistan broke tv set after the team lost a match scares me.
I’m huge cricket fan. I love watching ‘india vs pakistan’ as much as anyone , but not the way these news channels want me to love it.
The idea that a game of two innings is binding two countries with a single string of television set amazes me and fills me up with joy.

Don’t think of ‘tum dudh mangoge toh hum kheer denge, kashmir mangoge toh hum cheer denge”
While watching the india vs pakistan CRICKET match.
Don’t make Virat kohli and his team soldiers and expect surgical strikes. Just don’t insult both, our soldiers and indian cricket team by comparing them.

Don’t make England’s s pitch, Kashmir.

Don’t abuse these cricketers if they are unable to express your hatred for the fellow country through their game. You know, they could be under immense stress because of the fact that this is ‘india vs pak’.

I know it is hard to digest for a hard core cricket fan when i say it is just a game. But yes, it is. And let it be a game.

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