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I should have a story to tell no matter I lived it or not

Posted by aparnabhatia
June 21, 2017

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“Wow! I am actually at that sunset point I have been reading about for so long.
So here goes my snapchat story.
And what about the Instagram boomerang?
Gotta inform my Facebook and whatsapp mates too!
Hey wait! Is the sunset over? Wow I wish it could’ve lasted a bit longer than that!”

It’s that time of the year when all my social media butterflies are fluttering from scenic views to breathtaking adventures. It’s like I am on a virtual tour of the world from the past one month and I can’t help but wonder that, were those moments only captured by the oh so fancy cameras and not by the eyes? Well if that’s the case, then thank you for the virtual tours but I can’t help feeling sorry for you!

With the chilly winds blowing like a beautiful music and the water dancing to it’s beats, it was the time for the daily evening ritual of the Ganga Aarti and the river bank was loaded with number of people ready with their number of cameras! I believe they were some sort of celebrities from the regional movies because I couldn’t recognize them but the way they wanted to show their fans, how they were “enjoying” the evening by going Live on Facebook and how “happy” they were using the most ridiculous filters on snapchat. Man! They really must be the next big names.
And set aside from the mad frenzy was an old lady, trying to make sense of it while chanting some mantras. We exchanged a faint smile and with that we knew that we were on the same page.

I think Amazon and Flipkart are giving out free selfie sticks along with every order because everybody out there has one and people are intelligent enough to use it in the middle of a busy road because #cowmatakijai #stuckintraffic #vacaywithfam #wowvillagefeels but they don’t seem to understand that #ohmygodnobodycares!

If you’re reading my article and are back from your vacation so just rewind a bit and think about all those times when you saw something breathtaking and took out your camera with the bat of an eye!
We are trapped in an era where we got to show people that we are up to something really exciting and then actually forget to experience it. That’s not smart!
Now what if you hadn’t done that? What if you’d actually ditched the camera and let your eyes and heart capture that moment for you? Well you might lose your memory card someday (I am assuming that at least 40% of you are as careless as I am) but when you’ll narrate your experiences to your loved ones with that smile on your face, reliving those moments and making them feel it too, you’d know what I am talking about!

I am not saying that ditch your fancy gadgets while on a vacation, I mean what are the DSLRs and the IPhone cameras for?
But instead of capturing every moment, let some moments capture you! Let the music touch your soul, let the water de-stress you, let the mountains tell you their story and let the wind be your guide!

And with that, live every moment and capture the happiness that comes along with it.

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