If I want to save my dogs I Should be ready to get Abused

Posted by Samrin Khan
June 1, 2017

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I am Samreen Khan. I live in Hyderabad. This is the second part of my story. A story wherein 2 males beaten up my 2 months old stray kid who live in my house. They with big wood rods tried entering into my house and called me a characterless north indian. When begged for help by police local leader V Krishna Reddy entered into my house forcefully with local males in presence of 2 police officials. Started clicking photos of all over around my house. Threatened me to kill all the strays, telling me his influence, abusing my character just because I am a girl and I stay alone with so many dogs. Right now I have in total 21 dogs and pups in my house who have no other family apart from me. Whom I was forced to keep in my house in situations when no one was ready to take a charge of their safety. When localides wanted to beat them up till death, out of which a pregnent female dogs was beaten up on her tummy so she get aborted. Reasone what localides gave me when I called police and tried to stop them was Kutto ka number badh jaega society kharab ho jaegi. I am a salaried girl. Taking care of all these dogs by my salary. No one was willing to take a charge of their starilization. Unfortunate that I was abused by bluecross and pfa voulanteers when I pushed them to help me with the sterilization of these dogs. after seeing 7 dead dumped bodies in the drains crushed under the trucks I was forced to take an initiative and save these dogs. For which I changed my house took a big place in peddemberpet Hayat Nagar so all these kids can live safely. Where I took chances on my life to save these kids and all this happened. This milk dairy guy madhav reddy who touched on my breast and hitted on my shoulder and beaten up my  month old puppy is being set free today in presence of Mr. Joshi from PFA Hyderabad. Who promised me help and visited my house today. Who supported Madhav Reddy even after seeing my all the dogs and the pup who is having holes all over the body, who is just  months old. He handled all this politically and suggested me to take my fir back. Even after having all the videos when I am gatherd by all villagers, males, and V Krishna Reddy is abusing me and my dogs he denied to accept the fact that this is a case of animal abuse and a female abuse who tried to stop them and found it more important to save his telgu guy Madhav Reddy. Nothing is more important for me than a dog suffering coz of humans sick mentality. So I surrendered. I in police station said that Ok I will shift the house with my dogs and the day I will leave I will take this FIR back. I am very sure if This was happened with Mr. Joshis daughter he would had demand justice and a strict legal action. Just because I am trying to save these dogs at the cost of my life and I am an individual I have to say yes to any abuse happening to me if thats saving the life of my dogs. Instead of offering any safe shelter for these stray dogs he questioned me in a very polished language that why did you took them up. I am a normal human and I cant see a dog dying beaten up bashed up by mentally ill ppl till death just coz he exist. For complete  days I begged help by each and every welfare to save these dogs and every one turned up we dont have a place. I took a loan of 70000 Rs to move to this place and move all these dogs to arrange cages vaccines and food for them and I did it all just to save them. Today instead of supporting me to demand for a strict legal action against these abusive villagers, Madhav Reddy, And this local Leader V Krishna Reddy Mr. Joshi convinced me to say in PS that ok I will compromise. I am feeling totally dead today. I cant see a dog getting abused. Its always happening at the cost of my dignity, my character, my life. I regret being a girl today. It is disgusting Mr. Joshi when a milk dairy guy a local crowd enter into a females house, abuse her character, touch her here and there and the most reputed animal organization says compromise. Do u undersatand what you did today. I was not convinced to say in PS that ok I will compormise. But I was scared of these villagers and their intention for these dogs. You cant feel the pain of a 2 months old pup having holes in whole body and you said you are here for the dogs? A fordge complaint is filed by Madhav Reddy in PS after all what they did with me. Which is my dogs killed his hens. Few dead hens videos are recorded from somewhere and my dogs are no where in that video. But just coz Mr. Joshi considered it it is truth but even after having my videos fighting all alone surrounded with dirty disgusting mentally disabled crowd of males he deny to consider it an animal abuse and human abuse case.

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