If u have a dog save him or u choose one says animal Welfare

Posted by Samrin Khan
June 7, 2017

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I reported few stray dogs to bluecross and pfa Hyderabad continued for 8 months. A female lying on road pregnant beaten up by ppl so she don’t deliver and get aborted. Wen reported a blunt answer came we are NGO we know wat to do dare calling again. I picked her up. No welfare had a shelter for her no welfare was interested to counsel the area no welfare was interested in this stray they were busy making posts on fb talking big and big and more big. A deaf stray gathered by auto drivers coz she used to sleep on the auto stand so they can beat her till death. Reported answer of welfare was madam bola he to hai mara to nahin na kisine? Mara but I was hitted to save her and I had to keep her in house to save her life similar cases 21 rescued dogs who live with me. What I cud afford after getting abused by welfare authorities and Hyderabad police was tokerp them in home to feed them then I moved to a big house selling everything I owned so these kids can have a life where a leader s Krishna reddy whole village gathered me abused hitted on breast tummy shoulder in presence of 2 police officers who call this leader a god and then my 3 month old puppy went missing found injured got died. Whole welfare of India has no safe shelter for these dogs. They cud never get these dogs adopted and they denied to help sterilize them. They asked me money for sterilization forced me to leave them on roads again forced me in PS to say OK I will compromise. One lady ambika Shukla was the only Lady who was hurt by this death who called PS to take action though police is trying his best to do slavery of this leader and accused madhav reddy his mother brother and villagers. 2 formal firs registered but Hyderabad police do not have guts to arrest this abusive leader who spitted on my dogs and character both entering forcefully in my house

Accused’s are roaming free and Sho says madam don’t bother us coz the one who died was just a stray. He used to sleepony shoulder and talk to me in a weared language. My house gives me dead vibes without him. You welfare can’t get a dog adopted, you welfare instead if focusing on dogs abuse me based in my personal life you have no ryts , you tell me not to use filthy language and your activist do filthy politics on my three months old kids dead body. You exist coz stray dogs exist. You ignore their existence. I devoted my life to these kids you as a welfare supposed to sterilize them not to force me to pay you money. If you can’t do that you have no ryts to question me. I m all sold off to save these babies czidid not do a disgusting business of them. I saved them coz dey deserve it. Keeping them alive wen they are under life threats is my priority not to take their dead bodies for sterilization. Ifyou can’t give them shelter help those who ate doing it at d cost of their lives. For any girl her character comes first but after seeing dirty Indian authorities politics for me they comes first. I am not hurt cozu m abused I m broken coz my kid died and I disposed off the body not you. He did not deserve it. Staying alone independent is my choice you are noone to jump into my personal life. If you are incapable to keep adog alive fifhtfor his rights shame on you. Shame on Indian animal welfare who do politics on the dogs who know nothing apart from loyalty. Shame on you that you judge a dog by the name of its owner he is not just a stray he is a life.

Wake up so u can exist before karmas count

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