Posted by Rajeev Tyagi
June 29, 2017

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In the first year, the second semester of my journalism under graduation class, the professor pronounced a familiar yet an unheard term, “totalitarian”. The unannounced term drew my attention. The professor prefaced the class about the happening in India and its repercussions but I was still stuck with that term. I raised a question, what does this term “totalitarian” mean? He said, “a state of total authoritarian rule, where the state authority governs everything about your life. What you wear, what you think, what you eat, etc. is decided and regulated by a governing body”. A nation where nothing is forbidden but should be followed in the mentioned manner.  The government takes over all the aspects of your life, private and public, education, religion, economics, food etc. The explanation stunned me, I was very sceptical. He further added this might be the future of this country as well. I couldn’t absorb this thought, how can a nation with such diversity accept a rule where they don’t have the freedom to drink, think or even eat. How can a nation with a majority of its population ranging from 35 and below age group affirm to this idea? How can a governing body establish such a rule in the largest democracy of the world?

Reviewing the events and incidents in the past two years have changed the course of my thoughts. An optimistic teenager, enthusiastic to bring a change, unaware of the propagandas and politics of the country. Too timid to witness the ongoing conspiracy in the country in the name of development and growth. Spreading a singular ideology, this more fiercely, more forcefully, not spreading imposing on the citizens of this democracy, has now become a part of the crowd. A crowd scared to protest, orate a speech, narrate a paragraph, speak a single sentence or phrase or even to utter a single word. A democratic state is transformed into a totalitarian state. From Dadri lynching, Rohith Vemula Suicide, meat ban, beef ban, spreading Hindutva as sole ideology to survive, JNU incident and creating a mountain out of molehill, NIT Srinagar, Uri attacks, Kashmir unrest, regular unworthy comments on the Indian army, disappearance of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed, self-proclaimed cow vigilantes, censorship of movies and this list goes on. The nation screams out of saturation, not in my name. The irony of the matter is, innocents are being tortured and punished by the guilty, in the name of growth and what they think is right.

The propagandas have reached every faction of the society. While I was riding in an Uber, the driver mentions his thoughts against the Muslims of this country. He clearly states the prohibition of Muslims from this country is crucial, further adding, the religion they follow is polluted and corrupted. There are people who possess such thoughts and their hate urges them to do actions which can’t be justified and explained. Such ideas are being instilled in the minds of the people through well-constructed propagandas and manipulation. People disguising as a messenger of God and leading innocent people to an abyss of blind faith. Presenting themselves as the creatures with substantial wisdom, ushering people into their objectives and their selfish deeds.

It’s not about standing up for the minorities and being judged as a leftist or a communist but standing up for what is right and essential. The silence against the lynching of the Muslims and Dalits should be strictly dealt with, the perpetrators should be punished according to laws of the nation. The nation’s outrage should be on the street and foster until it renders something worthy. The latest headline was the killing of 15-year-old Junaid Khan, who was brutally stabbed in Ballabhgarh, Haryana in a train journey, and eventually died, by a mob that mocked his skull cap and called him a beef eater after an argument over train seats escalated. Two of his brothers were injured in the incident.
The words in this article aren’t meant to glorify the death or take a stand just because the one who died followed Islam but it is against the mob culture. It is against the all the naïve, timid human beings who are lured into believing that existence of beef eaters or Dalits is a heinous deed. It is against the humans brainwashed through words, or through anguish, or through anger into the action of selfish killing of innocent lives who aren’t even aware of the term “SELFISH”. Yes, it is against the people who blindly follow the majority, fostering the spiral of silence. Yes, it is against the popular ideology of the country, against all the atrocities happening and will happen in the name of a Hindu state.

Now I can understand what my professed meant by totalitarian and how it can exist in India. This isn’t leading India towards development but towards becoming a modern Nazi- Germany.

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