india: A land of WhatNot

Posted by aayush pandey
June 28, 2017

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We are an “odd” bunch of people casting our shadow across the world although slowly but surely by our brilliance in all different aspects of life.I mentioned the word odd but maybe also “many” should also be added to it ,just to remind the phrase “mere 125 crore deshvasiyo” heard often many times across the the states as recently many elections have just concluded.

That being said ……its a personal opinion that this is a make or break situation for india considering the recent storms that hit us through different sections of media ,whether it may be —

  1. the beef banter
  2. freedom of speech
  3. the “anthem” defining patriotism


enough has been said and written but still “YEH DIL MAANGE MORE”.

before putting my point forth i just want to get it out in front of the readers that neither i am a bhakt nor a hater of modi , rather i’m all for good governance .This time around this topic was covered so much that it stole the limelight of the arvind kejriwal’s non sensical accusations on the modi government for good but brought around the biggest face off between the liberals and the bhakts which still has not subdued.The saffron surge in UP has given power to all those “gau rakshak” mobs lynching and beating up people around the state.

If you think openly there’s no logic to be a cow saver just due to the fact that some people eat beef whereas the other bunch worships them, so where does the that whole bullshit of being a diverse culture goes as i think it takes a nosedive and comes here a raged indian with blinders on , depending on the group he supports or the ideology he believes would cross all boundaries to prove his/her point.(i hope the “her” here being justifies that it could be anyone because i hope everybody with enough sense is reading this as i don’t want any reports of feminism howling).

Why don’t the people make their brains succumb to the idea of LIVE AND LET LIVE as India ‘s diversity cannot be subdued just by throwing your arms at people who dont conform to what you think is correct and people should understand that its time that people think what they want from their actions .These type of incidents only create rift in the society with hatred as the icing.


Its one of the most important part of being a democracy which has stirred many controversies but the thing to focus and impression upon is about perspective with which we use it.This right provided by the constitution is often misconstrued as playtoy by the cynicals of the society.

the mad heroics of kanhaiya kumar leading a group are still ingrained in my head where there were chants of “afzal tere kaatil zinda hai something something aur ham sharminda hai” on the death anniversary of afzal guru who was the accused in the terrorist attack on the parliament in 2001. Rightly so, anyone supporting a person who caused a terrorist attack on a nation’s parliament will be stamped as an anti-national . i am just judging the way the freedom of speech was used because i also have facts that say that afzal was innocent and was wrongly accused just to suffice with the case.The way the protests happened and  ruckus that was spread around and in the JNU was a horrific deal to watch on tele leave apart the real scenario.It was all a build up just by kanhaiya to catapult himself into political scheme of things just that and nothing else….SO THIS IS WHAT I SAY IS WRONG.

the link below will definitely provide an in sight into the other aspect of afzal guru’s life and then you be the judge


On a political level ,there have been cases where people have been thrashed for speaking ill against the prime minister , the present BJP government for fooling with the people of india and what not but there also have been cases where MLA’S and MP’S have said

1.ill about our respected soldier

2. said to produce 7 babies per hindu family to counter love jihad

3. communal slangs to brew tension in the Kashmir valley

4.the present PDP government supporting the separatists

when all these type of incidents occur then always there’s a feeling from within which says that cast aside everything and let there be a strict prohibition of such freedom and hell with the rights of the people.

there was this hilarious banter between anupam kher and kapil mishra about freedom of speech (ex member of  AAP now blowing the whistle against it) which is worth a watch –



already there was and is a looming threat of pahlaj nihalani editing  scenes and certifying what to watch and what not and         here comes a new defining moment in the history of indian cinema that ONE HAS STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM      AND ONE WHO DOESN’T WOULD BE CALLED A CERITIFIED ANTI-NATIONAL.

Is this the way or to chant BHARAT MATA KI JAI shows the patriotic feeling towards our nation  or else you are an anti national????

Is doing something  for the development for the nation does not carry a patriotic vibe?

Is doing something for the poor of our country not define our love for the country and its people?

Blood brewing moment was when people did not stand up for the second time during the anthem as in when it played during the film “Dangal” and were thrashed to death by the so called people whose patriotism is filled up to the brim and is to an extent spewing shit off their brains onto others.

for those specific section of society or in general its okay to donate a gallon of milk to a stone mass in form of their beloved god who they haven’t seen…so much shraddha for that but not for that beggar sitting outside that particular place of worship even being worth of a penny offering.It all boils down to perspective no matter what .





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and others.




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