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India and Fascism

Posted by Danish Irfan
June 20, 2017

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The more we suppress the more we are supreme, is the incumbent ideology of right wingers but what’s more horrible to imagine is the state sponsoring such ideas and advocating their sides as a way to a better future for country. Majoritarianism has been a potential force of strong arming the administrative powers of a nation. It’s just like Kashmir comes under control of extremists and whatever they say is law. The visual proof is not far away from India, Pakistan’s major territories until now are run by Taliban and people have faith in them. Fascism prevails only if a section of society wants I to, after all it reflects the ideology of people towards co existing societies. With advent of Narendra Modi led BJP in country to power many things have changed. In his very first days of prime minister ship he stripped down various working institutions and established them willingly, after this he made by pass channels in major ministries which reported directly to PM bypassing the concerned minister, this clearly shows how terrific and dynamic his idea of leadership is and how it can be harmful to the largest democracy of world in future. Indira Gandhi managed to bring the society to a conclusive tyrant slogans of Indira is India, India is Indira, what better joke of democracy can be made if governments themselves start relying on single leadership for the sustenance. After all the very idea of Dictatorship brings dynamicity to the countries governance but democracies are meant to discuss and collectively decide keeping in mind all gains and losses to people. Role of leadership in India has gone from initiating he dialogue to concluding it with a popular note appealing to the voting majority share. Believing that fascism establishes roots from society and community beliefs and followings the communal instinct of mass following we can surely conclude that to woo people a person needs to be instinctive an dynamic to common denomination approach. Of course no one would know what everybody wants but to please a single large chunk of society targeting their belief is the key of raising the fascist leadership. Hitting to the tone of majority and making popularistic appeals to people and standing tall for their beliefs is the new idea of democratic leadership. Majoritarianism has been laid off to a totally different path from democratic perspective. Now who stands responsible for this fascist chaos and endangering the integrity of our democracy? Indian democracy boasts a highly diversified demography and to outreach people the political leaders target the agendas relating to belief and its security. Promise of protection and sustenance and rightfully representing their interests has turned out to be a major political play, regardless of development and poverty.

This situation is highly dangerous and makes our constitution vulnerable to threats of dictatorship and capitalism which mat harm the poor and affect the root growth of nation. A fascist government isn’t bad, it’s just not right for diverse nation like India.

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