Posted by Swami
June 5, 2017

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I heard this from many Indians who recite this slogan very proudly. These lines describe the spiritual belief of our countrymen. These lines are enough to describe that how religious Indian citizens are.

Religion! A word which automatically seeks attentions among theists. We should definitely feel proud to live in such a diverse country with four different religions.

But 4? I think I am getting wrong here. Dont worry, I am not disapproving any historical facts. I am just trying to emphasize on a new topic, about one more religion of our country, the fifth one. A religion which never leads to any disputes or riots. A religion which spreads love, friendship and brotherhood only. Aren’t you all getting surprised? But yes, it exists. Its cricket, 5th religion followed blindly by most of the Indians.

Its a country where cricket is not only a sport but also a belief and when it comes to INDIA VS PAKISTAN, these faith and believes reach on its extreme height. The day when men in blue plays against the guys in green jersey, that day does not remain to be an ordinary one. It becomes a festival which fills enormous enthusiasm and excitements among countrymen. Its a day when people don’t have to rush in traffics, a day when every Tea-Stall earns its most and a day when all social networking sites get flooded by so called patriotic messages.

But in actual, its not that healthy as it sounds. Within no time people’s excitements get converted into their rage. Their enthusiasm starts reflecting abusing words and bidding amounts dominates the earnings in Tea-Stalls. People watch entire match with great patience but that’s not because of their cricket love. In INDIA VS PAKISTAN, it becomes like a revenge. Every terrorist attack comes alive as a flashback and people have the feeling something like “KHOON KE BADLE KHOON”.

These kind of situations are really very disgraceful and dismaying. It reduces the dignity of the match as well as decreases the level of sportsmanship among players. People should support the team but only according to sport’s point of view and the feeling of revenge should be eradicated so that people do not have to think even for a while before saying “MERA BHARAT MAHAAN”.

Keep calm.. Its Ind vs Pak.

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