Posted by Chinmayee Mohapatra
June 15, 2017

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Yes the term equity itself provides the hint how powerful the term is and why it is essential for the society??The reservation system is under this equity term .I am not against it but still I am against this. Why am I against this ?Here I am providing some example

1)Father(doctor,ST)         Mother(doctor,ST)

Child(preparing for MBBS ,ST)

Here in this situation does the child really need quota to fulfill his/her dream

2)Another example is

If a child belonging to backward category scored high mark in the entrance test , then there is mobility for them to enter in to general category  with special reference to equity where a dream of general student will be in the waiting list. The general category students cann’t enter in to any category. For the general category students there is no mobility, there is no equity for them.

Does the general category students not  have the right to persue higher education??

3)the cut off marks are different for each category. For the teacher eligibility test where the general students have to score 90 out of 150,the students belonging to backward category  have to secure 75 out of 150.15 mark difference. Is it not a big difference? And this is mentally harassing us.

We the general students have also poverty and we also don’t get almond to sharpen our memory and also we are not super intelligent.

Recently a good news came that the chief economic advisor ARVIND SUBRAMANIAM called for taxing rich farmer.It enables others to look towards equity in a new angle. Justify the term equity.Dont just give reservation only seeing that s/he is from backward category.

Give a new angle to the term equity

Give a new angle to reservation system.

The big question is

Will the extension of 10year for reservation system ever end????


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