Is Indian Left truly anti Army ?

Posted by Souvik Ghosh
June 9, 2017

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Left is not Anti Army

But its pro people.


The army under an authoritarian state behaves like an oppressor of civil and humanitarian rights while its original duty is to safeguard citizens from external attacks. Being highly disciplined its taught to carry on tasks assigned to it without asking any questions. Contrary to popular cinema logics an army officer can’t question his superiors or the orders he is given. He is trained to do only the job he is assigned. There are many STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES which the army needs to follow during its operations but sometimes in ground operations when the officers are over strained they tend to forget those SOPs to get the job done.


The army simply isn’t trained or taught to handle civilian duties. Its training teaches the soldier to destroy the country’s enemies without batting an eye lid. So when its deployed in civilian areas such as in Kashmir and is facing a rising insurgency and attack on its personnel the army tends to see the normal Kashmiri men as enemy of the state. And his training kicks in and instead of solving civilian protests via normal law and order methods, he identifies the protestor as an enemy and deals with him with aggression.


The kashmiri protesters on the other hand doesnt commit any such random act of love towards the soldier via which the soldier can identify him as his own. Instead Kashmiri protesters view him as an aggressor army and not his own country’s army which has been deployed to take out foreign terrorists.


The Left supports the army when the army is used to protect the borders and when it does humanitarian jobs during natural calamities. But it maintains that civil protests and anti terror operations inside the country should be carried out by Police forces, ie forces which are trained to handle civilian situations.


As for a war with Pakistan, the Left doesnt support any war. Our views are that while the soldier gives his life on the borders during a war the actual war mongers sit in posh offices enjoying political or monetary gain from the war. For in a war the poor and oppressed dies while the rich profits. The foot soldiers of both the army will lay dead while their political masters boast of it and gain political mileage in their respective countries.

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