Is your thyroid gland working fine

Posted by Bhoomika Aggarwal
June 16, 2017

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Thyroid is the new cancer in the society, something about which there had been less awareness regarding its cause, prevention and treatment.

When I went on to gain weight continuously to almost alarming level in spite vigorous regular workouts, I went for my first ever body check up at the age of 21.

As you may guessed, my little thyroid gland just decided to be extra lazy giving me few extra pounds of fat, a lifetime of medicine and a constant reminder to keep my health in check.

Off lately, the present generation in India is forced to deal with it too soon in their lives right in the beginning of 20’s.

Acc. To a survey published in Times of India two years back, every 10th Indian is or is likely to by affected by thyroid: either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. The rate of affected people must have increased by now.

Though, there is no such proven cause of malfunction of thyroid gland but increasing stress levels and unhealthy eating habits do add to the reasons of thyroid.

So as a victim of hypothyroid, I would share some experiences of mine as it might help many of you to check for yourself if your thyroid is healthy or not.

The first and foremost signal is the weight or mass of the body.         Unnatural increase or decrease in weight in a short span of time which not proportional to the diet intake of daily diet is a signal towards something wrong with the body.

 You shall get up each morning to feel even more tired.

You may start doing jogging, put early alarms each night to get up early but all of it might just not help to battle of day and night long tiredness.

Long sleepless nights

Over a period of time, you may count sheep the entire night but sound sleep would just be a distant dream. You would definitely be tired and long for a tight sleep but as your eyes may get heavier you would spring up from bed as soon you would try to get some sleep until the morning sky greets you outside.

Unhealthy bowels

Constipation is one of the hidden symptoms of thyroid. You may follow the same diet as before and do workout but you would end up having a grumpy stomach for days until you shall be able to relieve yourself twice a week or so.

Sensitivity to Cold

Your immunity level could go for a toss in case of thyroid as you may frequently have to visit clinic for Common Cold and subsequent courses of Homeopathy, Alleopathy, Ayurveda might just give a some days of relief and a stuffed nose later.

Lack of concentration, low work output, lack of interest in socialising would come along as you would prefer to stay at home for longer periods due to prolonged tiredness.

These symptoms shall differ a bit with each person but one must definitely watch for these to take timely action.

Symptoms of hyperthyroid would include loss of weight and appetite and also share some of the above symptoms.

There are specialist doctors in Delhi for treatment of thyroid at AIIMS, INMAAS (ghaziabad) and also certain homeopathy doctors.

Stay fit and healthy.



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