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It could’ve been you !!!

Posted by vaibhav
June 27, 2017

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More than a million students failed class 10th and 12th this year in Bihar and U.P.
My heart cries thinking about it. Even more when I realized basic education is free in our nation. I won’t discuss the statics of money and manpower already involved, as it’s beyond my imagination. But it makes me think, if we as a nation, need just the free education or the quality education ?
No matter what we’re doing right now, it’s because of teachers, ordinary teachers, and yet none of us here dream of being an ordinary teacher for profession.
But, I believe some of us will end up being in education field for lifetime.
The worst thing is, we see it as the last career option, and that’s the beginning of negative education cycle causing such results. It’s a shame things has been moving this way since forever. Yeah system is fucked up, and I believe it’ll always be fucked up, because we all as individuals, dream more than what we’ve got. It’s human nature. Thinking bigger and better than the reality. This gap is the system failure and I fear it isn’t vanishing ever.
So, let’s stop blaming and arguing over the system. No good is coming out from it. There’s no politics here. National parties, Regional parties, all the same.
The only reason I’m writing it is to make everyone think what’s happening right now and where do we stand among all these ?
A million student failed and it could’ve been us too.
Anyone being intelligent or laborious or even stupid comes very later in a conscious student life.
It’s a high chance factor and without our consent, to start studying. It’s a choice our parents and society make for us. So yeah, you and me had equal chance of being among those million students, than wherever we are right now.
I’m lucky to have a friend circle of educated people. Highly educated people.
And I’m not buttering. Truth be told, maybe sometimes I want to kill you but I can’t deny this fact that you’re educated.
Great colleges from different parts of India and a few if counted on fingers, from abroad too !!!
I know a few of you might not be satisfied from your college, but take words from someone who isn’t in a college yet, “It’s better to have one, than none !!!”
Too much diversity, freedom, opportunities and time !!! I know a few might not agree on too much time, but leave a few semesters and a few days before exams, there’s plenty of time. It’s just about priorities. Let’s not fool one another on this.
It’s a beautiful life we all are having !!! Let’s not waste it !!!
Let’s give few hours per week, teaching. Teaching anyone elementary, primary, high school or even college students, anywhere be it inside your home or beside your college. It’s not a big deal and there’s no money input. It’s something we all can do without wasting anything. What are we waiting for ?
I’m not preaching anyone. It’s just a request to you and it’s equally on me too, if not more. Let’s do it, and spread the message as well !!!
I don’t want to die having guilt of knowing and yet doing nothing about the most important element in human life, Education !!!

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