It is not okay!

Posted by Gayatri Patankar
June 9, 2017

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Every other person is unsatisfied with the faulty education system which we are a part of. Reservation, rote-learning, a decade (or more) old syllabus, evaluations that are incapable of estimating true calibre, ‘teach’ers of the ‘how-did-you-get-employed’ category, partiality and favourism – we all have been victims of something or the other, some or the other time.

What is it to teach? Several teachers perceive teaching in several ways.

I remember being taught by teachers who could do nothing but read out the power point presentations (which they’d downloaded from, or copy-pasted from some e-book, sometimes wikipedia), they thought that is teaching. (I also remember students who nodded with them, and were fake-nice to them because they gave marks based on impression – such losers without guts do exist in large numbers).

I remember teachers who thought that teaching the topic which is assigned for them to teach is too mainstream, so taught adhyatma and philosophy instead, and still earn 1 lakh rupees per month (only officially).

I remember being taught by teachers who think that teaching is public speaking- you come, give a speech, not care if anyone understood a word, and go.

Thankfully, I also remember several teachers who unfolded the topics in such a way, that the students got tied to the concepts somewhere. Teachers who stimulated their students to think. Teachers who ignited the brain wiring of the students in such a way that they ran all the way through the topics being taught to them- asking questions to keep the brain lit. As rare as they were, the were the only ones who were remembered and respected.

But what about the first three kinds? Why do they sustain in the system?

They stay because we let them stay. Because we don’t speak up. Because we think that it is okay if they teach that way,  it is okay if they favour certain students, it is okay if they keep snatching the salary they don’t deserve. No, this is not okay. Rather, it is okay if you become a rebel. It is okay if you go against them, if you know you are right. It is okay if you score a little less because you are in their bad books.

We suffer, because we let things go the way they are going. Unless we are brave enough to change things, we will keep suffering. Making a change is not easy, you need a hell lot of guts and courage, and will suffer there as well. But you will always have the satisfaction of standing up against what was not fair. Unfortunately, people who do this are very very few.

The change begins with us.

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